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Which Thread Count is good for Bedsheet?

Posted on: June 22nd, 2022 10:29 AM

Thread count is one of the important elements of quality bedsheets. It decides the quality, comfort, and durability of a bedsheet. There are no magical numbers for a perfect thread count. You can pick a bedsheet with a thread count ranging from 200 to 800. 

When you buy bedsheets online, the thread count can help you in getting quality at the best price as you can’t touch or feel the product when you shop online. So, it will ensure the quality, comfort, and softness of a bed sheet and make your experience easy and worthy. 

The thread count of a bedsheet relies on different factors and material is one of them. Here we have listed materials below with the ideal thread count that you need to know. 


Cotton is one of the popular materials for bedsheets as it offers comfort, softness, and durability to buyers at the best rates. When you are buying cotton bedsheets online, you can easily pick a thread count ranging from 200 to 400. It is an ideal thread count for cotton material. 

Egyptian cotton:

Egyptian cotton is also one of the amazing alternatives to natural cotton material. It also offers comfort, softness, and shine to the buyers and you will find a huge range of bedsheets with Egyptian cotton. The thread count of 300-400 will work amazing for this material. 

Percale weave:

When you are buying a bedsheet made of percale weave, then you need to consider the thread count to get satisfying quality. It is similar to the cotton material. So, you can pick a thread count of 200-400 for percale weave as well. 

Sateen weave:

The sateen weave is a woven style more than a fabric. The unique woven patterns make the bedsheets heavy, luxurious, and long-lasting. It also provides comfort to the users. You can pick a thread count of 300-600 to get a decent-quality bedsheet in this range. 


Bamboo is also one of the natural fibers, which offers amazing benefits to the buyers. When you are buying bamboo bed sheets for your bedroom, pick a thread count of 300-500 to enjoy excellent quality. 


Linen is also a popular material for bedsheets. It offers comfort, quality, and durability to the users. Never try to pick a higher thread count for linen sheets as it can cause discomfort for you. A thread count of 80-140 is good for these sheets and makes your experience good. 


There is no thread count for silk material. The thread count is not applicable for some materials and silk is one of them. The measuring unit “Momme” is used to measure weight. Discover silk sheets 17-22 momme range to get the best product. 


Microfiber is another material that is measured in GSM instead of thread count. So, when you are buying a microfiber sheet for your bedroom, choose a GSM range of 90-120 to get high-quality sheets for you. 

In the final words:

Pick an ideal thread count according to the different materials to enjoy quality and comfort. Avoid picking a higher thread count in the hope of better quality as it can ruin your experience. 



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