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King Size Bed Sheets

King Size Bed Sheets

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King Size Bed Sheets

Shop from Our Collection of Stylish and Premium King-size Bedsheets Online

If you think that it’s just the right king-size mattress that provides you with a good night’s sleep, then think again! Fresh, crisp, and clean Super King size bedsheets that fit it perfectly is what is needed for the luxurious and comfortable feel that will put you right to sleep when you slip into it. Bring the comfort of a hotel into your bedroom with our king-size bedsheets online. We offer an extensive range of bedsheets for king-size beds in multiple styles, texture, and prints to match your taste. You can choose from Jaipuri traditional print, geometric prints, floral prints, hand block print, and more depending on your style and room décor. Give your bedroom a perfectly coordinated look by matching the king-size bedsheets cotton with the bed headboard or other fabrics on your bed. Bedsheets are not just for the decoration of your bedroom; its quality and texture are also important. Our wide range of King size bed sheets comes in soft and smooth 100% pure cotton that gives a wrinkle-free aesthetic look to your bedroom. Shop for king-size covers online India to add comfort and convenience to your daily life. Our king-size and super king size bedsheets online are quite versatile and are perfect for use throughout the year. The soft and breathable material will keep you cool during the hot summers and warm during the winters. Our king size bedsheet will last twice as long as bedsheets of other brands. They are machine washable, and you can wash them as many times you like without worrying about its colors fading away. In fact, the more you wash them, the softer they get.Whether you need a king-size bedsheet or super king size bedsheets to go with your luxurious bed, Jaipur Fabric has just the right collection for you. Quit adding extra cloth to the sides of double bedsheets for it to fit your king-size mattress. Our king-size bedsheet size is just perfect for a thick mattress and will stay tucked no matter how much you toss and turn. Our high quality and luxurious cotton king Size bedsheets online india are so affordable that you would not settle for anything less. Choose from our huge selection of premium quality Super King Size bedsheets online at reduced prices, something which you might not get at retail stores near you. We also stock luxurious king size bed covers and king-size bedspreads in a range of colors to suit any bedroom design. Create a sumptuous sleeping place for yourself with our range of king size bedsheets!

Comfortable and Soft Bed Sheets at Jaipur Fabrics

A king-size mattress in your bedroom can provide you with a lot of space and the luxury to move around. A king-size bed is a perfect place to retreat to after a day’s work. There is no other place one would rather be than on the bed. It allows you to unwind, get comfortable, and to get a sound sleep. However, for a good night’s sleep, the right king size bedsheet is essential. Good bedsheets not only provide you with restful sleep but also uplift the decor of the room. But, if you ever had to wrestle with your bedsheet, it might be because you are getting the wrong king size bedsheet size. Our king size bedsheets are perfect for your king-size mattress or even a double bed mattress with extra depth.  

Explore our rich collection of the super king and king size double bed sheets available in a wide range of stunning patterns and color pallets. You’ll be amazed at the power of impeccably crafted bed sheets with understated detailing that adds minimalist luxury to any room. Our king size bedsheets cotton is pure luxury that is available well within your budget. Shop for king size bedsheets online on Jaipur Fabric made of high-quality material that makes them smooth, soft, and more durable. These premium super king-size bedsheets online are generously sized, and you won’t have problems keeping them in place. Complete your boudoir with our sumptuous king size bed cover or king size bedspreads.   

Buy Generously-Sized King Double Bedsheets at Jaipur Fabric

The biggest and the most comfortable size of bed available in the market is the king-size bed. If you have a large room, a king-size bed should be your best choice. But, it is not just the size of the king bed that will offer you comfort and warmth; you will have to pick the best cozy king-size bedsheets too. Choose king-size double bedsheets from Jaipur Fabric to glam up your bedroom within your budget.  

Decorate Your Bedroom Using King-Size Bedsheets

We offer king-size bedsheets cotton in ample varieties of designs and colors for you to pick from. Apart from the solid shades such as green, blue, pink, silver, brown, black, white, and others, our king-size double bedsheets are available in different themes such as patchwork, floral prints, traditional, abstract, and others. The colors look radiant and gentle at the same time. The Rajasthani design, with its simple pattern, offers soft warmth to the bedsheets. If king-size bedsheets are not enough to cover your mattress's sides, opt for super king-size bedsheets online at Jaipur Fabrics to ensure that all sizes are covered perfectly. 

Fall in Love with Our Premium Quality King Size Bedsheets

Our king-size double bedsheet is made of pure cotton known for its softness and breathability. Our king-size bedsheet's touch will feel good on your skin, allowing you to sleep comfortably on it. It's absorbent, and high durability characteristics make it perfect for a hot and humid climate like India. These have a certain insulating quality to it that allows it to retain its flexibility and lightness. You are going to love the smooth finishing and the wrinkle-free look of our bedsheets. Our flat-type king-size bedsheet keeps its colors and does not fade away even after several washes. It is easy to iron and very convenient to store. 

Get the Best Deals on King Size Double Bedsheets Online

Instead of investing in king-size bedsheets that require to be constantly replaced after a few months' use, buy king-size bedsheets online from Jaipur Fabric. Pair our king-size double bedsheet with coordinating king-size bedspreads and king-size bed cover from Jaipur Fabric. 


What is the size of a King size bedsheet?

The King size bedsheets measure about 264.16 cm (104 inches) x 299.72 cm (118 inches), making it appropriate for any King Size mattress. Our king size bedsheets are large enough for you to comfortably tuck in the sides of a king-size mattress without leaving them out on the edges. 

Which bedsheet material is best for the King Size bedsheet?

King Size bedsheets made of pure cotton material are the most comfortable and breathable to sleep on. It is highly recommended for those living in a hot and humid climate, those with sensitive skin and those who tend to get sweaty while sleeping. Our king size bedsheets are also easy to maintain as they can be machine washed.

What to look for when buying King size bedsheets?

The most important thing that you need to consider when buying a King size bedsheet is quality, comfort, style, and personal preference. Before placing an order, it is best to measure your King Size mattress so that the bedsheet will perfectly fit it. You should be able to comfortably tuck in the bedsheet on the sides so that it does not come out. 

What is the biggest size of a bedsheet?

King size bed sheets are the largest size of bedsheets available. They are also known as ‘Eastern King’ and are much harder to find. These bedsheets measure 264.16 cm (104 inches) x 299.72 cm (118 inches). You can easily find a large variety of king size bedsheets at Jaipur Fabrics.


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