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Dohar is almost similar to a quilt that is used to be made out of fine, almost translucent, CAMBRIC cotton or MULMUL Cotton and bound with piping at the edges with heavier linen or satin to bring structural integrity to the layers. The major advantage of Dohars is that they can be used anytime, regardless of the season.

Get the Best Quality Dohar Blankets - Decorate Your Bedroom With Class

It’s time to add some color and charm to your bedroom by making very few changes. There is no need to replace the furniture or the decorations or invest in exclusive designer pieces. All you need to do is buy a Dohar bed sheet. There are numerous places to buy the best bed sheets online. But before you go searching for them, here is a little more information.

What is Dohar?

Dohars are quilts that are made of three layers to generate warmth for the users. Best suitable during the winters, Dohars have a layer of filling material, which is either cotton or wool. This acts as a layer between the top and bottom ones. The best part about Dohar is the presentation. The top and bottom layers are made using various patches, which when stitched together, give the most beautiful effect. Apart from its appearance, Dohar has quite a few uses. If you live in a city or state with extreme climatic conditions, a Dohar blanket is the right thing to keep you cozy as the temperatures go down. These can be used on a single bed, a double bed, or a king-size bed. Available in various sizes and designs, the wide range of Dohar quilts can suit almost any of the existing décor you have in the bedroom. Sleeping with a Cotton Dohar will ease away the tiredness of the day and leave you feeling refreshed the next morning. People of any age group can snuggle up in this quilt. It’s lightweight and doesn’t make you feel suffocated.

Decorate your bedroom with Beautiful Dohar

Buying blankets are a great way to decorate and redecorate the bedroom. But choosing the right kind of blankets can be a tough task. Why? Because there are so many options available to choose from, it can be confusing to decide which one fits our home the best. Dohars are versatile. The checkered box pattern makes it easy to mix and match them with other bed sheets or blankets. Also, they are very easy to maintain.

Why choose Dohar from Jaipur fabric

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In three simple steps, order a quilt Dohar through our website and let your bedroom look new and cozy.

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