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Block Print

Block Print

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Block printed bed sheets

-Must have for your bedroom!

Looking for an option to décor your bedroom in an exotic way, then adding a beautiful bedsheet is the best thing to do. Definitely, a beautiful bedsheet is excellent in changing the look of your bedroom. So, if you are in the hunt for colourful block print bedsheets online, you can opt for Authentic Jaipur bed sheets.

Jaipur fabric is an excellent choice for block printed bed sheets

India is known as the largest country that is recognized for producing cotton. The industry is getting bigger with passing time. Basically, the Jaipur bedsheets are purely made of cotton and offer superb comfort and durability. The users mostly pick block printed bedsheets, and there are several reasons behind this.

  • Offer unique styling : Block printing is quite popular all over the world because it is useful in preparing handmade bedsheets that are loved by many people. They are available in both light and dark color prints in different designs like plat or leaf motifs. Hence, you can select from various styles available to enhance your bedroom’s appearance.
  • Available at affordable prices Because of the high availability of cotton as well as workers, the production costs automatically reduce. That’s why; they are available in pocket–friendly prices. You can even buy block print bedsheets online without putting in much effort.
  • An excellent material is used : Your sleep cannot get comfortable until and unless the fabric of the bed linen is right. The bedsheets you are using also define your way of maintaining personal hygiene. Also, selecting a bedsheet shows your tastefulness.

Fibers used in the making of Block printed bed sheets

There are varieties of fibers that are generally used for making block printed bed sheets. Some of them are –

  • Cotton
  • Synthetics
  • Satin
  • Rayon
  • Silk
  • Polypropylene

The printing process

Different colors are used for printing purposes on the fabrics. People generally prefer to buy bedsheets in vibrant colors and trendy prints. Therefore, block print bed sheets are getting more popular. Numerous printing methods are followed for getting proper designs.
  • Block printing using hand : Being known as the simplest and oldest method of doing block printing, it is done by hand but takes a lot of time. Wooden blocks are preferably used for the designs, and each one of them is dipped in different colors. Afterward, the impressions are made on the fabrics.
  • Block printing via machine : The block printing method is similar, but in this case, a machine is used for performing the procedure.
  • Using a roller cylinder and machines : Well, it is known as a continuous method in which the designs are made using the rollers. And, these rollers are also used for printing the colors.
  • Stencil is also an option : Basically, in this method, designs are prepared on paper, which is further placed over the cloth, and the color is sprayed over it.
  • Digital Block printing : This is the latest technique introduced in block printing. In this, computer graphics are used for printing things.

Buy block print bed sheets online that you can use throughout the year. Make yourself feel comfortable by using these block printed bedsheets.


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