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Applique is appreciated as a kind of embroidery in which the designers make a small patch that is attached to a fabric. It was the French culture from where this technique originated and has a meaning, i.e. ‘something applied’.There is an interesting story behind it from where the idea of Applique was introduced. In this, the clothes that were ripped are fixed using patches to make them look wearable. The craftsmen generally sew the patch over the surface of the ripped area. That’s why; the technique is also prominent as patchwork. The sewing process is related to the needlework method, where different fabric, embroidery, and some other kinds of materials are used for creating beautiful designs, patterns, and abstract. Applique work has now been introduced for preparing bed sheets.

Why Jaipur Fabrics for applique work bedsheet?

India has always amazed people globally because of its unique culture and art. One such beautiful work is Applique, one and linked with higher religious value. It includes several designs related to the Jagannath temple. Putting a distinct patch on a fiber surface has given birth to a new trend, and people are happily accepting this. Applique work is processed by putting and sticking numerous pieces of patches over the fabrics’ surface. You can find it on clothes, decorations, pillow covers , cushion covers ,curtains, handbags, and even you can buy Applique work bedsheets online.

All about Jaipur Fabrics

The Applique prints on Jaipur fabrics are quite famous for their durable and skin-friendly nature. An applique bedsheet is a brilliant option for gifting to your loved ones.Do you know there are some interesting facts related to Applique work?· When it comes to long life, Applique designs are worth their points. This happens because of fusible webbing or glue applied on the back of Applique designs.· The extraordinary thing about it is that this work doesn’t wrinkle or sag up.· Certain materials like vinyl, Fleece, leather, or faux fur shouldn’t be placed in contact with the heat as it will not get fused.The Jaipur fabrics are available in different designs and styles loved by most people. And, also they are known for their flamboyance and superiority. Jaipur fabrics are an exceptional range in India because of their making process.

The making of Applique work

Satin stitch is a popular way of creating Applique work meant for overlapping the edges. Reverse Applique is also processed while using various materials that are stitched together in layers. The advanced technology is well-accepted by the craftsmen for doing modern embroidery and stitching Applique designs.

About applique work bedsheet

The excellent Applique work bedsheets are offered online at cost-affordable prices. Depending on the latest fashion trends, these bed sheets are picked mostly by the users.The classically styled bedsheets are loved for their high quality and comfort. The vibrant colors catch the eyeballs of many, and they also love their superfine embroidery that makes it ultra-luxurious. Before giving a second thought, do try these beautifully designed bed sheets to enhance the appearance of your


FAQ - Applique Work Bed Covers         

Q. What Does Applique Mean?

Applique comes from the French word appliquer, which means ‘attach.’ It refers to the ornamental technique of applying a piece of fabric to another fabric in different designs and shapes. This technique has been used for centuries to create motifs and embellishments in cushions, bags, quilts, bedsheets, and more. The appliqué bedsheets offered by Jaipur Fabrics feature abstract motifs where the pieces of designed fabrics are sewn to the base fabric carefully by hand. All of our appliqué work designs bed sheets and covers are handcrafted by artisans from Rajasthan. Our applique work bed covers are also quite popular among our customers.

Q. What are the Types of Applique?

There are many different types of appliqué designs that textile craftsmen use. It is quite a fun technique, and there is no right or wrong way to use it. Different types of appliqué techniques will provide different design looks. Some of the most common types of methods used for appliqué bedsheet design are smooth edge appliqué, raw-edge appliqué, multi-needle hoop appliqué, reverse appliqué, felt appliqué, decorative stitch appliqué, and much more. 

Q. What is the Best Fabric for Applique Bedsheets?

Applique bed sheets require a sturdy and strong base fabric to work on that will support decorative stitching on them. It is the reason why natural fabrics with tight weaves, such as cotton, silk, and linen, are most preferred for appliqué bedsheet design. The most obvious choice for appliqué designs is pure cotton fabric, as they are not only strong but are affordable as well.

Q. What is the Difference between Applique and Embroidery?

Even though applique and embroidery have been used for centuries in different categories such as apparel, beddings, soft goods, and more, they are quite different in their techniques. Embroidery is a technique where colored threads are used to create different patterns and designs on fabric. Applique, on the other hand, is a patchwork technique where a designed piece of cloth is sewn on another piece of fabric to add texture and dimension to it. 

Q. Can I Machine Wash my Applique Bedsheets?

Applique bedsheets and applique work bed covers are recommended to be washed by hand using cold water. Putting them in the washing machine with garments with hooks and zips can cause the threads to come out. If you want to wash them in the washing machine, put the bedsheet in a mesh bag and then run it separately on a gentle cycle using a mild detergent. 


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