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Diwans were originated from ancient Persia, also known as ‘low seating’ that has a wider cushion over the wooden frame. Bolsters and cushions were used to decorate the diwan set, making it look royal and classy. It is a concept that is now quite popular in India as a diwan set can double up as a sofa, couch, or even a single bed when the need arises. With time, the design and the use of this furniture piece have evolved. Today, there are many different diwan types available in the market for you to choose from, depending on your home decor. But, unlike sofa sets, you can spruce up your diwan using many diwan set designs available on Jaipur Fabric. You can choose from a variety of diwan sets online available for your home. We have listed the trending ‘diwan’ styles so you can match it with luxurious printed diwan sets.

Low Seating in the Foyer Area

This is the best way to fill in space with furniture, which gives a modern touch to the foyer area. Usually, there are chairs and typical single sofas kept where you can have a quick nap during the day. If you are looking to perk up the style of the diwan, match it with the perfect diwan bedsheet. Pick from our ethnic cotton diwan cover will give an exclusive look. Our diwan bed sheet is designed with the perfect combination of patterns and prints to give your room a refined look.

Couch Styled Diwan Set for Living Rooms

This is more traditional styled seating that comes with an uneven backrest. In the early days, this was used by the royal family. Today, these are the perfect piece of furniture in the living room for a day nap or lounging. However, match it perfectly with a cotton diwan set and cushion covers that will easily blend with the rest of the furniture and the décor of your living room. The diwan bed sheet will instantly change the appearance of your room and give it a fresh feel.

Diwan without Backrest

If you want to have traditional seating in your modern home, then diwan without a backrest can be the ideal one that blends amazingly with any type of decor. The wooden based armrest can be molded to match the rest of the furniture in the living room. You can match it with traditional Jaipur printed diwan set covers from Jaipur Fabric on each armrest to add the much needed wow factor. Buy diwan sets online and decorate your home in a way you would love to see it.

Lounger Shaped Diwan

In the L-shaped, a lounger shaped diwan takes the place of the modern lounger. It has a traditional curved back instead of the regular one to bring style to your living room. There are many diwan set designs available for your diwan set to add a touch of contemporary design to your living room. Browse diwan set and pillow covers online in India for more upholstery ideas. They are pretty, beautiful prints, pastel shades, solid colors, stripes, floral diwan cover sets to choose from. The choice is endless. You can order it online as per the measurement, and that’s how you recreate the space in an affordable budget.

Freestanding diwan

It is one of those diwan styles which is free-standing one, single-piece furniture that doesn’t have a backrest and armrest. A flat cushioned which you can adorn with beautiful tapestry. This is usually the added piece of furniture that comes with the diwan set. A complete modern looking one, which can be used as a makeshift bed whenever necessary. The above-mentioned are great diwan furniture ideas when adorned with trendy diwan set covers will enhance your living space décor. The diwan set covers online are available in different color combinations, prints, and shades to match with your décor. If you are confused about the matching and creative ideas, browse over the Internet to find new trending ideas and that is how you gain access to the creativity at its large. All you have to do is get to finalize one and get started. This is perhaps the best way to décor your living space in a minimum budget.
Diwan set is one such home decor product which encompasses a royal feeling. The blend of Sofa and bed makes your living room stylish. The right selection of a perfect diwan set is must, while transforming you house into a sweet home. While selecting a perfect piece for your home, you require considering the color of your walls, color of other home furnishing items and space of your living room. Wise selection will definitely upgrade the overall appeal.

Why Choose Us?

Jaipur Fabric is the brand you can bank on when it comes to the highest quality bed accessories. Backed by the support of our talented craftsmanship, we are able to provide you with superior quality diwan sets online at competitive prices. All our products are strictly tested for quality before they are dispatched to our customers. Choosing us will be the right choice for you if you do not want to compromise on the quality of the diwan bedsheets.    

Our Services

Jaipur Fabric has carved out an undisputed position in the market by offering premium quality products to its customers. We provide you with a large collection of home décor options for your home. Choose from bed sheets, pillows, diwan set covers, towels, quilts, and more! Whether you are looking for something subtle or something with carnival prints, we have the perfect furnishing for you. All our products are systematically listed on the website allowing for an improved browsing experience. Choose diwan sets online for easy ordering and delivery right to your doorstep.     

Exclusive Collection of Diwan set

Experience royalty with our exquisite collection of diwan set to give an instant makeover to your room. You can choose from a wide range of diwan set designs, patterns, shades, and colors. You will fall in love with our authentic and durable cotton diwan covers.  

A plethora of delightful and royal diwan set covers are waiting for you at Jaipur Fabric! Explore now!


Can I Machine Wash the Diwan Set Covers?

You can easily wash the diwan bedsheet, bolster covers and cushion covers in the washing machine with cold water using the delicate setting. Use a mild detergent for the best result. Always dry in the shade away from direct sunlight. 

Is the Cover Cloth Soft or Hard?

Diwan set cover from Jaipur Fabric is made of soft and premium quality cotton fabric. Our diwan set cover can help you create a cozy corner space in your living room where you and your family can relax and rejuvenate. 

Is This Cover Durable?

If you and your family spend a lot of time in your living room and on your diwan, it is important to pick diwan sets that look gorgeous and are durable. It should need less or no maintenance so that you do not have to replace them often. Diwan set cover from Jaipur Fabric is made of high-quality pure cotton fabric that will look as good as new and last for many years to come. 

Which Fabric is Best for Diwan Set Covers?

You can find diwan set online in many different fabrics such as cotton, polyester, silk, satin, velvet, and others. But, among all of them, cotton diwan sets are considered to be the best. They are soft, breathable, and easy to clean, making them a perfect addition to any home. In the end, it is your living room style, function, and the materials of the furnishing that will ultimately decide which fabric you should opt for. 

How to Choose the Right Covers for my Diwan Sets?

With so many varieties and styles of diwan sets available in the market, it can be difficult to pick the right one. Here is a short guide to help clear your mind and pick the right diwan cover set for your home –

Size of Diwan Cover – Before you place an order for Diwan set cover, make sure to measure your diwan set to help shortlist the sets that would perfectly fit your diwan.

Diwan Set Fabric – Diwan cover is available in many different materials, but cotton sets are the most preferred for regular use. Many people also use silk and velvet covers during special occasions to add a touch of extravagance and festivity. 

Diwan Set Design and Color – The diwan set designs you pick should match the diwan style of your living room. It will help bring a cohesive feel to the entire room. Even the color shades complement the palette of the interiors.

Price – You can find diwan sets in many different price points, but you should not compromise on the quality of the set for its price.


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