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FAQ - Ethnic Bedsheets Online            

Q. Which Fabric is Best for Ethnic Bedsheets?

Ethnic bedsheets online are available in several different fabrics. Among them, cotton and polyester are the top ones. But, when it comes to the best fabric for ethnic bedsheets, pure cotton is the best as they are soft on the skin and easy to maintain. Ethnic Indian bedsheets at Jaipur Fabric are made of pure cotton material stitched with excellent craftsmanship to ensure the perfect thickness, size, and texture. 

Q. What is the Thread Count in an Ethnic Print Bedsheet?

Jaipur Fabric ethnic print bedsheet has a minimum thread count of 120 that is considered soft and smooth. 

Q. Can I Machine Wash my Ethnic Bedsheet?

Yes, our ethnic print bedsheets can be easily machine washed. All our ethnic bedsheets are made using block printing or screen printing. Since our sheets are pre-washed and shrunk during the manufacturing process, they do not shrink or lose their vibrant colors. The bedsheets will only get softer with every wash. 

Q. How Often Should I Wash my Ethnic Bedsheet?

It is best to wash your ethnic sheets once every two weeks. But, if you have high usage or you or your partner sweat a lot, it is best to wash the sheets at least once every week to remove dirt that might have settled on it. Since ethnic Indian bedsheets are quite affordable, you can have two or more in stock for use when one of the sheets is in the laundry. 

Q. How to Choose the Right Ethnic Bedsheet for my Double Bed?

If you are planning to buy ethnic bedsheets for your double bed, make sure that you pick bedsheets that are soft and cozy. Pure cotton bedsheets are well suited for regular use as they are comfortable and last much longer than other fabrics. The pattern and the color of the bedsheet should also complement your wall colors and the room decor. Make sure that the size of the bedsheet you pick is suitable for your double bed mattress. If you have a double bed mattress but with higher mattress height, it is best to opt for king size bedsheets for the perfect fit. Jaipur Fabrics offers a wide range of ethnic designed, classy, and stylish double bedsheets in Indian ‘base’ colors. These will give your space the much-needed depth and elegance.  


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