Cancellation Policy

How To Cancel your order - 

If you wish to cancel your order, you can do it provided the order is not dispatched,  in either of the following ways-

1. email with your order no. on cancel@jaipurfabric.com
2. Call with your cancellation request & order no.  on +91 9314075567 
3. WhatsApp your cancellation request with order no.  on +91 9314075567

  • To avoid problems related to recurring transactions, Jaipur Fabric want  our customers to know how to contact Customer Support (who may be able to save the account) and ensure that  our cancellation policy is easy to find and contains instructions on how to cancel. 
  • We’re sorry to see you go and would appreciate hearing about any problems with our service that are prompting your cancellation.
  • Contact Customer Support at 9314075567 or email cancel@jaipurfabric.com.

To cancel your subscription, please go to Your Account and click on the Cancel link. On the following page, you will be asked to confirm the cancellation.

IMPORTANT: You must continue processing your cancellation until you receive the final cancellation confirmation page. If you stop this process prior to receiving that page, your cancellation will not be processed.


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