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Jaipur Fabrics: All you need to know before buying Mandala bed sheets

Bedding with designs is referred to as Mandala. Geometric patterns of the universe, symbolism of Hindu and Buddhist constitute the designs. Buddhists say that mandalas that are created from sand can heal the environment by transmitting positive energy. When bedding is paired with these geometric shapes, it gives you an organizational form of the universe that represents perfection. Mandalas remind us of our connection with the eternal, that the world goes beyond our minds and bodies. It is an integral part of the land's culture.

Types of Mandala bed sheets

Mandala bed sheets are classified in the following types. All of which are equally pleasing choices. The remaining depends on your bedroom shade and if your choice will suit your room. Though you have a lot of options to choose from.

Bohemian Elephant Mandala bed sheets

These look luxurious and elegant. As we know, elephants have been highlighted in art, literature, theology, and myth. The elephants in these sheets represent courage, loyalty, leadership, stability, nurturance, power and sociability.

Dreamcatcher bed sheets

These are superior and deluxe looking bedsheets. Now you won't need a dream catcher hanging above your bed, you will be all set with the dreamcatcher bed sheet. Jokes aside, the dreamcatcher sheets are available in a lot of patterns and colors. But dreamcatchers are actually believed to suck in the bad dreams.

Animal Print Mandala

These kinds of bed sheets feature various animals like dolphins, turtles, elephants, scorpions, etc. These look outstanding and sophisticated. Turtles are mostly used as they represent long and auspicious life and are said to add energy in the bedroom. And scorpions are used as they are toxic and deadly species but look magnificent.

Where to buy Mandala bed sheets from?

Jaipur Fabrics is the simple answer as we deal in all kinds of bed sheets, including exotic Indian fabrics. Sheets of all sizes, textures, and qualities are available. The range is vivid and so is the price range as it starts at a budget price but can go all the way up to premium levels.The bedsheets that we make are of microfiber, these materials are strong and unexpectedly smooth. The feel and looks of all the products that we make are top-notch. We also deal with other bedding items like pillowcases, etc.

About Jaipur Fabric

Jaipur Fabric is well known in the country for its quality and collection. The vivid price range attracts all types of customers and online service is also available to get the bed sheet you desire. Our delivery and return policies are hassle-free and the customer reviews will better help you in gauging our efficiency. Our website has numerous items listed, all types of bed sheets that we have are present. Check out our collection and see for yourself, also give us a review on your purchase


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