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Jaipur Fabrics: All You Need to Know Before Buying Mandala Bedsheets

Mandala bedsheets are quite popular around the world because of their exquisite designs. But, the inspiration for these mandala print bedsheets is much deeper. Mandala, in Sanskrit, means a circle. In the Hindu and Buddhism culture, Mandala is a spiritual symbol that represents the entire universe. These symbols are used to represent the spiritual journey of a person to discover themselves. They are also used in meditation as the designs remove negative thoughts from the mind and relax. Our mandala print bedding’s beauty is in its designs and careful use of colors that instantly bring a feeling of lightness into the room. The intricate details, along with the color schemes used in these bedsheets, will light up the entire room instantly!

Types of Mandala Bedsheets

Jaipur Fabric offers mandala bed sets in many eye-catching mandala designs. Even though the mandala designs vary from culture to culture, there are some designs that are quite popular in India. Pick the mandala bedsheets that will complement the color scheme of your room or décor of your room perfectly. Here are some of our most popular mandala design types that you can consider –

Bohemian Elephant Mandala Bedsheets

Our bohemian elephant mandala bedsheets have a luxurious and elegant look to it. Since ancient times, elephants have been highlighted in art, literature, theology, and myth. The elephant designs in our mandala print bedding represent courage, loyalty, leadership, stability, nurturance, power, and sociability.

Dreamcatcher Bedsheets

Dreamcatcher bedsheets are inspired by charms that have been used by native Indians to remove bad forces from houses. But their beautiful designs later caught the eyes of people because they were beautiful to look at. In the modern world, the same designs are used by many cultures in different ways, one of them being in our mandala bedding collection.

Animal Print Mandala

These Mandala bedsheets feature various animals like dolphins, turtles, elephants, scorpions, horses, giraffes, and many more. These not only look outstanding and sophisticated but signify different things. For example, turtles are used in the designs as they represent long and auspicious life and are said to add energy in the bedroom. On the other hand, scorpions are used in mandala design to signify protection and ward off evil.

Where to buy Mandala bed sheets from?

Whether you are furnishing your first home or looking to upgrade the bed you have had for years, Jaipur Fabric is the perfect place to buy Mandala bedsheets. Designed by experienced artisans, our Mandala bedding collection focuses on color, comfort, and understated elegance. You can shop for Mandala print bedsheets in many different colors, designs, and patterns to match the décor of your room. The beautiful texture of the bedsheets is extremely easy to maintain and will look great no matter in which room you put them in. Our Mandala bed sets are a real investment for those looking for style but do not wish to compromise on the quality.  

About Jaipur Fabric

When it comes to pure luxury bedsheets, you’ll not find anything as popular as Jaipur Fabric. We offer a large selection of bold and delicately designed Mandala print bedding made of the best quality fabric and stable colors that do not fade away with time. We are dedicated to bringing outstanding product quality along with efficient customer service. All our products are manufactured using a mix of traditional and modern methods to provide superb value to our customers. We ensure that our customers are delighted with every order that they receive from us.    


Q. What Fabric is it Made From? Is This 100 Percent Cotton?

Our Mandala print bedsheets are made of 100% pure cotton offering you the perfect balance of breathability and softness. We use the finest staple cotton to make our bedsheets to create a luxuriously soft fabric that will provide you with a comfortable and a sound night’s sleep. 

Q. What are the Benefits of Mandala Bedsheets?

Our Mandala bedding collections are a popular choice of interior decorators and fashion experts for its exotic and exuberant print. The amazing combination of beautiful colors on the bedsheet adds a fresh feel to the bedroom. Masterfully designed bedsheets with stunning colors will easily convert an ordinary bedroom into a luxurious one. The pure cotton bedsheet also ensures that you can sleep happily on them for hours and get refreshed. 

Many people also use the bedsheet as a full-sized wall hanging it to beautify their bare walls. The Mandala designs are greatly used as a tool in yoga and meditation. They help keep skin allergies, and irritation at bay and keep you relaxed as well. 

Q. How Often Should You Wash Mandala Bedsheets?

We recommend washing the Mandala bedsheet before using it for the first time for a softer and a snug feel. After that, you can opt for bi-weekly washing of your sheets. However, if you have dust allergies, sweat a lot, or sleep with your pet in bed with you, it is best to wash them at least once every week.

Q. Can you Machine Wash Mandala Bedsheets?

Yes, our Mandala bed sets are hand and machine-washable, making them an excellent choice for daily use. We recommend a machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on low heat. Remove promptly and lay flat to dry. Do not dry clean. Prevent the use of bleach as it can lead to discoloration and degradation of the fabric. 

Q. What Does Mandala Mean?

Mandala means circle in Sanskrit. It is a spiritual symbol among the Hinduism and Buddhism community that represents the entire universe. The circle design in Mandala print bedding has colorful geometric patterns and designs. They mean that life never ends, and everything in the universe is connected. 



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