All Weather Barmeri Comforter

All Weather Barmeri Comforter

A good night’s sleep is essential to keep yourself well-rested and healthy. But, unless you have the right bedding accessories, it’s likely that you will spend a good part of the night tossing and turning, thereby losing precious hours of sleep. Once you have experienced the superior quality of Jaipur Fabric’s comforters, we are sure you will not want to buy comforters from any other brand.

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Love Dark Theme Interiors?

Love Dark Theme Interiors?

While colorful bedsheets are having a trendy moment, it is the classic type of black bedsheets that will not only add that much-needed edge to your home décor but will also stay durable through years of use. Whether its black satin bed sheets or black striped bedsheets or black silk bedsheets – they all have the power to elevate your bedroom from an essential boudoir to a space of luxury and comfort.

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Sanganeri Print Bedsheets

Sanganeri Print Bedsheets

Most of the people are presently picking up Sanganeri print bedsheets due to their beautiful combination of patterns and colors. The bright colored prints are usually printed over white backgrounds. Even hand block printing methods are used for Sanganeri printing. You can expect quality printed bed sheets if you are thinking about buying Sanganeri print bed sheets.

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Super Soft #NewArrivals

Super Soft #NewArrivals

Stunningly Beautiful NEW Designs #JustArrived Fresh New Collection on Skin-Friendly Fabrics. Refreshing New Prints to rejuvenate your mood all day. These Prints when spread on Bed Looks so Beautiful it enhances the entire room's interiors.

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India is an incredible country with a blend of huge history and rich cultural heritage. One of its eye catching factors is its distinctive clothing format. The traditional attire of Indians is highly famous because of its precise and ideal quality and rare availability. Rajasthan is an Indian state with a royal background.

Jaipur is considered as the Elysium of Rajasthan. The reason behind this honor is its extraordinary offerings in terms of special fabrics, popular as Jaipur Fabric. There is not a single pattern or style of this unique fiber. There are many genres of Jaipuri fabric which can easily be seen in different assets and home furnishing accessories. Following are few of the specialties of Jaipur Fabric.

Bandhej Fabric: Bandhej fabric is developed by the process of tying and dying of special Fabrics. It is one of the most popular fabrics with high demand over the globe. This format can be easily visualized in Jaipuri Sarees, Lehangas and other women outfits.

Sanganeri Fabric: The name comes from the place of its origin. Sanganeri Fabric is basically an ideal printing pattern which is famous and was originated from the Sanganeri area of the pink city. Because of this only, Jaipur holds the largest export count of Fabrics nationally and internationally as well.

Bagru Fabrics: Bargu print came into existence from Bagru village of Jaipur city. The clothing’s are designed with amazing patterns with the help of wooden/metallic inked patterns.

What We Offer?

We have a colossal throng of Jaipuri fabricated bed sheets (single, double bed and king size), cushion covers, table linen, curtains AC quilts, dohars, comforters and many more, especially from the heart of Jaipur. All of the units are offered in different material like cotton, polyester, etc. You can select the best piece in terms of price, color and personal satisfaction and put an order. Sanganeri bed sheets, bagru printed cushion covers and many others.

Various Payment Options

When it comes to payment options, we have numerous payment options that will help you to select the one which you are suitable with and ensure a safe and secure checkout. The security for each and every customer is highly maintained as you are our loving customers. A payment option majorly includes MasterCard, VISA, Maestro, Net Banking, American Express, American Express with EMI option, Paytm wallet, Bank Transfer, Discover and PayPal. For customer who loves to pay at the time of delivery, we have availed the option of COD (Cash on Delivery).

Why Choose Jaipur Fabrics?

There is not just one single reason to opt Jaipur Fabric eCommerce portal for your home furnishing needs, rather there are many. Firstly, each and every SKU is specially crafted by our experienced and highly professional artists. Apart from this, the artifacts are showcased with a price tag which is best value for your money. The price is kept so low in order to bestow you the best experience of the finest quality fabrics available in the world market, clubbed together with "always-on-our-toes-service".  We have the best quality artifacts, all at a very reasonable and effective price.

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