How To Purchase The Best Handbag

April 4th, 2016

Any woman of culture understands the importance that the correct handbag brings to her overall look. A handbag must be stylish, seasonal and age appropriate. The wrong handbag will give her a less than polished look. A quality handbag adds the look of sophistication and class to the wearer. While there are classic handbags that are made to be worn for decades and they certainly are a good investment; there are times when they simply do not work with the outfit....

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Handbags from Jaipur are in Vogue

January 30th, 2016

Shifting from leathers to fabrics is an idea to keep environment friendly but this will not make you compromise with the elegancy and new trends. Fabrics printed with blocks are made up to fashion bags. These fabrics with intricate designs with touch of historical periods are carrying their hierarchy till now. The elephant imprints on the fabrics shows the uniqueness of Jaipur designs....

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