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An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Purchasing a Perfect Quilt for Bedroom

Posted on: December 30th, 2022 11:39 AM

Sound sleep is essential to maintain good health. 8 hours of sleep maintain good health and improve the immune system of the body. It relaxes the mind and body and prepares individuals for a refreshing day. 

The bedroom environment plays an important role in sleep quality. A comfortable mattress, room temperature, and quilt are essential to have a dreamy sleep. The quilts are an important part of every bedroom as it protects one from freezing at the midnight and provide perfect warmth and comfort. 

When you are choosing a quilt for your bedroom, ensure you invest in the right product that offers warmth and comfort to you and maintain the right temperature in the bed. So, you can enjoy a good quality of sleep every night and start your day with new energy. 

The market offers a variety of quilts and Jaipuri Rajai, which will protect you from cold and keep you warm and comfortable all night. Do you know how you can buy a perfect quilt for your bedroom?

Here we have shared an ultimate buyer’s guide that will help you in buying the perfect quilt for your bedroom on a budget. 

1. What you want from a quilt:

Everyone requires a unique temperature for perfect sleep. So, you have to identify whether you are a cold sleeper or a hot sleeper. Cold sleepers require lower temperatures in the bed for deep sleep. On the other hand, hot sleepers need a warm environment to sleep well. 

Know your type and make a list of features you require in a quilt. Knowing your unique needs and expectations will help you in short-listing the best options for you. It will help you in investing money in the right product. 

2. Types of quilts:

There is a huge variety of quilts. You will find quilts in different materials, which offer some amazing features to the people to improve the comfort in the bedroom. 

Here we have listed the top types of quilts that you will find in the market. 

·   Wool quilts:

Wool is one of the natural fibers, which keep people warm during the winter season. The wool quilts are made of natural wool material, which makes them soft, comfortable, and breathable. Plus, they offer warmth to the sleepers. 

The wool quilts provide warmth around the year and are good for people who are dealing with respiratory issues. The only con of buying wool quilts is that they are heavy. It consumes a lot of time and energy to wash wool quilts. 

·  Feather and down quilts:

Feather and down quilts are one of the popular options that you can buy. They provide excellent warmth to people, which make them perfect for the heavy winter season. You can use these quilts all around the year and enjoy comfort in bed. 

The only drawback of buying feather and down quilts is that they are expensive and not breathable, which can cause discomfort to you sometimes. 

·  Cotton quilts:

Cotton is one of the best natural materials, which is suitable for every season. If you are looking for cotton quilts, then you can easily go with Jaipur Rajai as it is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. 

The cotton quilts work best for people who are allergic. It will maintain the right temperature in the bed, which will keep you comfortable all night long. Investing in cotton Rajai or quilts is a good investment of money. 

·  Bamboo quilts: 

Bamboo quilts are made of the bamboo casing and blend filling. They offer moderate warmth to the people, which make these quilts perfect for summer and light winters. The bamboo quilts help in regulating the body temperature during sleep and maintains a comfortable temperature in the bed. 

The only con of buying bamboo quilts is that they are very expensive compared to other quilts and require good maintenance and care. 

3. Design, color, and pattern of quilts:

The design, color, and pattern of quilts also play a crucial role in the bedroom. The quilts can impact your bedroom environment and design. So, you have to invest in the right quilt that not only offers attractive functions to you but also improves the elegance of your bedroom. 

You will find beautiful colors and designs in the range of quilts and Jaipuri Rajai, which will help you in adding comfort and style to your bedroom at a good price. 

4.  Pricing and durability:

Get a high-quality quilt for your bedroom that offers long-lasting benefits to you. The quilts are expensive and no one desires to spend money on a new quilt every season. The high-quality quilts offer excellent durability to the users with minimum care and maintenance. 

Along with considering the durability, pay attention to the pricing. Getting a good quality quilt or Jaipuri Rajai for your bedroom doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Check for affordable prices to enjoy a good deal. 

5.  Quilt size:

Getting the right size of quilt is important to enjoy good comfort. The extra small or large quilt can cause discomfort for you during sleep. The quilts are available in different sizes including single, double, king, and queen sizes, which you can buy according to the size of your mattress. 

The only rule for buying a perfect-size quilt is that you have to choose one size bigger than your mattress. It will work perfectly for you and keep you warm and comfortable all night. 

6. Quilt weight:

Yes, the weight of quilts and Rajai can also affect your sleep. There are different types of quilts available in the market, which offer attractive features to buyers. Buy a quilt that is lightweight, but keeps you warm in bed.

The heavy quilts can make you feel suffocated during sleep and generate heat in the bed. So, it is wise to invest in a lightweight quilt to enjoy excellent warmth and comfort. 

In the nutshell: 

Jaipur fabric is offering an exclusive range of quilts and Rajais at a good price range. Check out the best sellers to get the right quilt for your bedroom. 


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