Single Bed Quilts

Single Bed Quilts


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When it comes to beds and mattresses, the more space the better it is. Won’t you agree? However, a single bed is an exclusive space just for you. It’s the perfect sanctuary to snuggle up against with a book during the afternoons, take a restful, uninterrupted nap throughout the night. Are you looking for a cozy, and fluffy quilt for your single bed? Do you think your options are limited? Well, no more! Jaipur Fabric brings to you an exquisite collection of single bed quilts that are crafted to reinstate your own personal fashion statement. If you have been thinking of restocking your quilt wardrobe, now is the time!

Things to Consider When Buying Single Bed Quilt

Buying a quilt for your bed, single or otherwise may seem a mundane task or an easy choice to make. Do you hold similar beliefs? If not, there are certainly a lot of key aspects that can’t be overstated.

First, and foremost, the quilt should be aesthetically in alignment with your room’s décor; it should offer the requisite coverage for your single bed. Pay attention to your room’s décor and choose a single bed quilt with the right colour combination, design pattern, and other fashion aspects. This is more crucial than you might think as otherwise, the entire experience might be off-putting.  

The need for warmth and comfort varies from person to person. While some may prefer to get under a rather fluffy and featherlight blanket, some may prefer a bulky one to keep warm during the night. Season also plays a key role while buying a quilt. While you may prefer silk or velvet quilts for the winter months, a cotton quilt will be the best for Summers.

Besides, pay attention to the material of the quilt, the top and bottom layer fabric type, the amount of cushioning, etc. before making your purchase decision. And, never forget to measure the dimension of your single bed before buying a quilt for it. You won’t want a quilt that has inadequate coverage!

Types of Single Bed Blanket or Quilts

Contrary to popular belief, your options are not limited when it comes to buying quilts online for your single bed. The eCommerce marketplace is resplendent with a rather vast collection of single bed razais or single bed blankets with varied dimensions, material, quality, etc. The quilt’s material plays a rather pivotal role in swaying your purchase decision. So, here we have jotted down some of the key quilt material types!

Cotton Single Bed Blanket/Quilt

Jaipur Fabric is your one-stop destination for magnificent, vibrant, artisan hand stitched cotton quilts for your single bed! Cotton quilts will make a wonderful choice if you are looking for a rather sturdy one that will be your sleep-mate for years to come. Do check out the cotton quilt collection at Jaipur Fabric right away!  

Quilting fabric Single Bed Blanket/Quilt

As you may already know, quilts comprise three layers, a top, a bottom, and an inner batting layer. You will find an extensive collection of single bed razais made up of a wide range of quilting fabrics such as cotton, wool, etc. that come with the promise of snugness, and comfort.

Microfiber Single Bed Blanket/Quilt

The best thing about microfiber is that it has great heat retention capabilities. So, with a microfiber single bed blanket, you are in for a warm, fuzzy night’s sleep that will leave you fresh, and energetic to face the day. Get high-quality microfiber quilts for your single bed at Jaipur Fabric at unbeatable prices. Hurry, and avail of great deals while they last!

Velvet Single Bed Blanket/Quilt

If you want to add a unique touch to your bedroom or just spice up the look of your single bed, the velvet single bed blanket will do just fine! Make your single bed more inviting for a restful night’s soothing sleep with some of the aesthetically-rich velvet quilts from Jaipur Fabric today!

Wool Single Bed Blanket/Quilt

If you are on the lookout for a warm, and fuzzy quilt to beat the chills, a wool single bed quilt will suffice your need absolutely. Wool quilts are widely celebrated for their signature warmth, quality, and softness. Elegance or simplicity whatever you are vying for, you will get just the right one at Jaipur Fabric online.

Silk Single Bed Blanket/Quilt

Are you someone who prefers to wake up to the satiny-silk smoothness? Well, a silk single bed blanket might just be the right fit for you. You are sure to relish the smoothness, texture, warmth, and comfort of it, especially during the wintry nights.

All in all, Jaipur Fabric is your ultimate destination for buying high-quality, authentic, hand stitched quilts made by expert artisans from Jaipur, the Pink City of India and at an affordable price too. So, wait no more, look no further, and get ready to steal some of the greatest deals this season!


What is a Single Bed Quilt?

A single bed quilt is specifically crafted to offer coverage for single beds, twin-size beds, and kid’s beds. Like any other quilt, single bed quilts comprise a top, a bottom, and an inner batting layer that are hand stitched to perfection. Chase away the wintry chills with some of the most artistic blankets for your single bed from Jaipur Fabric.

What is the Size of a Single Bed Quilt or Blanket?

While the dimension of most single beds is 92 X 190 cm the single bed blankets are available with an approximate dimension of 140 x 210 cm. It will cover your single bed perfectly and you won’t have to worry about fighting for the blanket anymore!

How to Wash a Single Bed Quilt?

You will find an array of machine-washable quilts apt for single beds in the market. However, these quilts may lose their texture, colour, etc. after multiple machine washes. So, it’s advised to soak the quilt for your single bed in lukewarm or cold water and hand-wash it with a soap bar. If you are opting to wash it in the machine, go for a gentle cycle to avoid the risk of abrasion to the quilt fabric.

Difference between Double and Single Bed Quilt?

The prime difference between a single and a double bed quilt is the dimension. At Jaipur Fabric, you will find single bed blankets with 92 x 190 cm in dimension and double bed blankets with 228 x 280 cm.


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