Double Bed Quilts

Double Bed Quilts

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Keep Warm in Winters with Double Bed Quilts/ Blankets

Who does not yearn for a good night’s restful sleep? All of us do! However, it’s more than just comfort as it is pivotal for the overall health, and wellness of the body, mind, and soul. And, what’s better than to snuggle up against a comfy, and warm comforter or a blanket or a double bed quilt to wake up fresh, and energetic in the morning?

Different Types of Double Bed Blankets or Quilts

Thinking of refurbishing your bed linen wardrobe? Or vying for an elegant décor for your bedroom? No matter what, the double bed razais are your best bet for winter. At Jaipur Fabric, you will find an exquisite collection of double bed quilts that will not only keep you warm, and comfy during the chilly nights but also offer an enchanting appearance for your bed.

Here are some of the major double bed quilt variants offered by Jaipur Fabric.

Cotton Blankets/Quilt

Cotton double bed blankets are a specialty of Jaipur Fabric! These cotton quilts for double beds are handcrafted by the most esteemed artisans from the Pink City of India that reflect the art, culture, and age-old heritage of India. Besides, these cotton quilts are best suited for all around the year.

Wool Blankets/Quilt

Wool blankets or quilts make an ideal choice for relatively wintry weather. Jaipur Fabric brings to you an excellent collection of wool razais for your double bed to keep you cozy throughout the night. They come with dampness-wicking capability also so you don’t have to worry about getting all clammy and sweaty during the night.

Polyester Blankets/Quilt

Are you looking for a cost-effective yet sturdy quilt for your double bed? Then, a polyester blanket or double bed quilt will make an ideal choice. You won’t have to worry about wear and tear for several years to come even if you opt to machine-wash it.

Acrylic Blankets/Quilt

Who won’t be an avid fan of acrylic blankets? They are synthetic, easily washable, warm, and offer a great deal of breathability, and comfort. Check out Jaipur Fabric’s rather massive collection of acrylic blankets to stay warm this winter.

Fleece Blankets/Quilt

Are you someone who would love to snuggle up warm but won’t prefer to get under a rather bulky quilt? Then, a fleece blanket will suffice your purposes in the best manner. These blankets are usually feather-light, and also possess allergy-resistant attributes.

Vellux Blankets/Quilt

Loved the plush nylon quilts from your last hotel stay? Now, you can enliven the same experience at your home too. Jaipur Fabric brings to you an exquisite array of vellux blankets made of foam, and high-quality, durable nylon, hand-made by expert artisans to offer warmth, comfort, and durability.  

Buy Double Bed Blankets or Quilts AT BEST PRICES

After navigating through the types of double blankets, are you excited for your next quilt shopping spree? Would you want to restock your quilt section with the vibrant Jaipuri quilts but wondering how to get the best deal? Well, Jaipur Fabric brings to you the best! You are sure to get great deals on a range of double bed quilts at Jaipur Fabric at an unbeatable price. And, don’t forget about the frequent discounts and offers rolled out by Jaipur Fabric throughout the year! So, think no further, and get on your quilt purchase right away!

Why to choose Jaipur Fabric Double bed Quilts

If you are navigating the eCommerce platforms online, you will find a never-ending stream of quilt collections offered by brands. So, you may wonder, what makes Jaipur Fabric stand apart in the crowd? Here you go!

Culture-rich & Authentic Quilts: This is the most discerning feature of Jaipur Fabric quilts. Every Jaipuri quilt depicts and avidly reinstates the rich cultural heritage of India that has garnered a huge fan base in India and overseas alike. These quilts are handcrafted, handstitched by the most capable artisans that speak a great deal about the legacy!

High-quality Materials: Be it a cotton quilt, or a polyester, or an acrylic one, you are assured the finest quality of quilt fabric at Jaipur Fabric. And, yes, it does not have to be heftily-priced to offer the greatest comfort. You will find extravagant quilts at Jaipur Fabric at perfectly reasonable prices.

Multi-purpose: Rethinking your investment in double bed razais? Well, here are things to keep in mind. Jaipuri quilts are not only meant for chilly winters; you can use them during summer seasons as well to chase away the AC’s chill. And, what’s more, these quilts will act as the perfect substitutes for home décor essentials; drape it over your sofa, spread it on your garden for a tea-party for your kids, or friends, bundle it up for an impromptu picnic, you are good to go!

So, get the show started with the most awe-inspiring Jaipuri double bed blankets from Jaipur Fabric, today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Double Bed Blanket or Quilt?

A double bed blanket or a double bed quilt or a double bed razaai, irrespective of the naming convention, the purpose is singular, to offer warmth and comfort. A double bed quilt is made up of a top, a bottom layer, and an inner layer of stuffing. The top layer ideally features rich quilting, patch, or embroidery work to enhance the bedroom décor.

What is the size of Double bed quilts?

Quilts are available in a wide range of dimensions. Twin XL quilts are 39” x 80” in dimension while king-size quilts come with a dimension of 78” x 80”. At Jaipur Fabric, you will find double bed quilts with the dimension of 228 X 280 cm approximately, which is close to 90” x 110”. So, you know where to look if you are eyeing for an over-sized, warm, and comfy double bed quilt.

Is a Double Bed Quilt good for winter?

A double bed quilt is surely a welcome addition to your bed linen wardrobe this Winter. Quilts made of three layers, will keep you warm and cozy during the winter evenings. The amount of warmth offered by quilts purely depends on the material and stuffing inside the quilt.

Which is better, a single or double bed quilts?

Double bed quilts will have an upper hand due to their dimension. It will easily fit a king or queen size double bed and offer you enough coverage from the chilly winter. Double bed quilts are comfier and make your bed appear a tad higher in dimension. Apart from chasing the winter chills, you can use a double bed quilt to drape over your sofa to give it a chic look, carry it for a picnic in the park or a beach, etc.

How to wash double bed blankets or quilts?

You will find an array of machine-washable quilts in the market. However, quilts may lose their texture, colour, etc. after multiple machine washes. So, it’s advised to soak the quilt in lukewarm or cold water and hand-wash it with a soap bar. If you are opting to wash it in the machine, go for a gentle cycle to avoid the risk of abrasion to the quilt fabric.  


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