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Bed Sheets

Bed Sheets

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Bed Sheets

Fabricate your Bedroom with our Exclusive collection of Indian Bed sheets.

Are you feeling bored with the looks of your bedroom? Are you in search of quality bed sheets with impressive designs and alluring patterns? If YES, then you have reached the right place. JaipurFabric bestow an exclusive throng of Indian bed sheets, table linen, curtains, cushion covers and quilts. The fabric used in these items is none other than Jaipur fabric. It is one of the best quality fabrics available in the market and we are the leading supplier of goods made of this amazing fabric.

Why JaipurFabric? 

The answer to this question is simple, because we provide the best goods around. We deal exclusively in goods made of Jaipur fabric. This fabric is one of the best, available in the market and is famous around the globe. It is of great historical significance as well. It first emerged at the scene during the reign of the Mughal Empire. The Mughals were great patrons. This is something that aided in India’s rich cultural heritage. This fabric too belongs to this heritage. 

Visit JaipurFabric and check out our amazing collection of handmade bed sheets that ought to take you for a ride through the Mughal dynasty. These design of Jaipur bed sheets are unique and will definitely brighten the appearance of your bed room. Be a part of it, feel the rich cultural heritage that you and your country belongs to. The exclusive collection of Jaipur bed sheets that we offer, are the best of its kind. So don’t wait any longer, be a part of this exclusive culture now!

Types of Print Available

We predominantly deal with block printing and tie and dye printing. Both these techniques involve manual effort and thus are solely dependent on the skills of the person carrying out the respective operations. However, if you wish to add custom prints and designs you can do that as well. The fabric with block printing is known as Bandej and that with tie and dye is known as Sanganeri. Both these fabrics are famous all-round the globe and are special in their own way. The type of print has a direct effect on the type of bed sheet available at our website.


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