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Patch Work bedsheets and the charm they possess

Rajasthan is very famous for its pink city, Jaipur which is famous for its high-quality bed sheets. Because of the market value among the foreigners and Indians, the bedsheets have a great welcome and demand. Bedsheets are available everywhere, but Jaipur patchwork bedsheets always stand unique. The handmade patchwork bedsheets always stand ahead of its alluring printed style and the pattern embarked on it. The expert artist makes the patchwork bedsheet extraordinary with original colors. The knitted patches are handmade that gives a royal touch to the final product.

Why Jaipur Fabrics for patchwork bed sheets?

Jaipur patchwork bedsheets are of high quality and offer you comfortable and deep sleep. The Jaipur fabrics are made of natural fiber, with stunning and resistant prints, and definitely, they can align with your needs and tastes. These fabrics are 100% cotton and are intricately handmade, they help to allow the perfect aeration which provides you a perfect sleep. There is a wide range of colours and patterns available, which helps to match your room with elegant designs of stylish bedsheets. The handmade patchwork bed sheet color and pattern are shrinkage-resistant and fade-resistant that makes your bedsheet look good even after several washes. The money spent on the patchwork bedsheet is always worth due to their best quality and process that meets the high standards. Every Bedsheet pack consists of 5 pieces ( 1 Bedsheet + 4 pillow covers).

About Jaipur Fabrics

The Jaipur fabrics are always unique and different because it holds the traditional value solely done by the artists of in and around cities of Rajasthan. The best quality cotton is used for the manufacturing of the bedsheets and their print is usually of their custom style. There are a variety of designs in Jaipur patchwork bed sheets depending on the prints, styles, hand blocks to trendy digital screens. Usually the local craftsman crafts the printing part of the bedsheet. Jaipur patchwork bedsheets are usually exported to foreign countries and it is the most demanded one. The cotton used to make bedsheets is of the finest quality GSM and it never fades even after several years of usage. The Jaipur fabrics are genuine, each detail on it crafted very carefully, manually, and tested for quality.

About patchwork bed sheets design

Jaipur is always known for its beautiful work of art printed on the fabrics and the patchwork pattern is a famous one. Patchwork is usually a collection of different shades of fabric stitched together to form a beautiful pattern. Usually, geometric patterns are made using the patchwork designs along with the applique work which gives the bedsheet an elegant look. Patchwork bed sheets are made by expert artists to choose a specific shade, pattern, themes, and prints. A Double Bedsheet is of standard size 108 inches x 90 inches (274 cm x 228 cm). Every Jaipur Fabric bedsheet purchased, comes with a matching pillow cover that is of size 27 inches x 17 inches (70 cm x 44 cm). Everyone is very interested in the Rajasthani artwork, it is all about the preference and choice of ethnicity in their decor that makes them stand out in a home.

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