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How Much TC (Thread Count) Bedsheet is Good?

Posted on: June 21st, 2022 11:03 AM

The thread count or TC is one of the important elements of a bedsheet, which represents quality. A thread count indicated the quality and durability of the fabric and ensures a softer and finer texture of the sheets.

When you are buying sheets online, TC is one of the easiest ways to identify the quality of the fabric without touching it. The thread count not only decides the softness, texture, comfort, and durability of a bedsheet, but it also counts the cost of the product. 

Buyers always try to pick a higher thread count in order to buy quality sheets for their bedrooms. The higher thread count can cost you more and sometimes it is not good to get a higher TC for a bedsheet. 

Do you know how much TC bedsheet is good for your bedroom? Here we have mentioned different categories of bedsheets based on the thread count below that you need to look for a better decision. 

Basic quality bedsheets:

If you are looking for basic quality bedsheets, then you can get a thread count of around 132-144 in linen and cotton material. This thread count will allow you to enjoy the basic quality of bedsheets, which you can use for your day-to-day life and enjoy decent durability. 

These bedsheets are affordable. So, you don’t have to stretch your budget to get the one. 

Good quality bedsheets:

The good quality bed sheet is made of 180 to 220 thread count. It is an ideal thread count that you can choose for your cotton bedsheets. This range of TC offers softness, comfort, and durability to buyers. 

This thread count of the bedsheet is good for the kid’s room. It will provide desired softness and comfort to your kids and keep the discomfort away. 

Great quality bedsheets:

When you are looking for a greater quality bedsheet for your master bedroom, then you can choose a bedsheet with a 300+ thread count. This thread count allows you to enjoy the excellent comfort, softness, and durability of a bedsheet. 

It will cover your bed perfectly with a fine texture and finish. It will also uplift the interior and style of your bedroom. 

Excellent quality bedsheets:

If you are looking for an excellent quality bedsheet to make your room a little special and cozy, then pick 400 TC for a sheet. This is also an ideal number of TC that will allow you to enjoy the exceptional comfort and softness of a sheet. 

You can use these sheets in your guest’s room to make it special and super comfortable for your guests.  

Luxury bedsheets: 

Luxury bedsheets have the highest thread count. You can get a bedsheet with a 500+ thread count to make your ordinary bedroom looks luxurious. The highest TC offers more comfort, style, finish, and smooth texture to the buyers. 

The finest quality of bedding will not only add comfort to your room, but will also change the overall style of your room effectively. 


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