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Colorful Floral Bed Sheets Online

Are you planning to refurbish your bed linen wardrobe? Looking for some viable options online? While online bed linen shopping has its own charm and advantages, you will be astounded at the endless options you have at your disposal. Sometimes, it may become daunting to choose the right floral bedsheets. 

So, what's your preference in terms of style, and design for your bedding set this time of the year? Are you looking for some intricate yet vibrant floral pattern bedsheets to freshen up your home environment? You are indeed on the right path as floral prints are an ode to the slowly receding spring, and approaching summer! Jaipur Fabric is your one-stop destination for floral bedsheets online, be it a single bedsheet, double bedsheet, or Dohars in intricate floral patterns. 

A Breathtaking Collection of Floral Single Bedsheets

Summer is fast approaching, and we can understand your need to stack your winter-appropriate bed linens, bed sheets, quilts, comforters neatly back in the wardrobe. So, we are all set to cater to your summer bed essential needs with our exquisite collection of authentic Jaipuri floral printed bedsheets. Our single floral bedsheets are your go-to options for draping them on your diwan or your kid's bed or even for the bed in your guest room.

Our collection of single floral print bedsheets with Sangneri patterns are made from pure cotton with a 240 thread count to offer you a soothing experience from the scorching heat. With our floral single bedsheets, you can bid goodbye to the restless nights of tossing, and turning over the bed. These bedsheets come in the dimension of 173 cm x 244 cm and will fit your single or twin bed perfectly. You will have ample material to be tucked across the corners, so you won't have to worry about misalignment anymore. 

Give Your Bed a Makeover with Floral-patterned Double Bedsheets 

What's more welcoming than a soothing bed, especially after a hectic day at work? But, have you ever felt the itching sensation in the morning or woke up in the middle of the night all sweaty? While scorching summer heat definitely plays a role, your bedsheet could be the culprit in equal measures. 

Well, no more! Jaipur Fabric brings to you an exquisite collection of authentic double floral bedsheets in vibrant floral patterns. Our pastel shade bedsheets are going to take your breath away with their aesthetic elegance and will enhance your bedroom decor up by several notches. 

Our floral double bed sheets are made of 100% pure cotton material and are available in the dimensions of 270 cm * 220 cm. They are available in a range of soothing yet vibrant shades. So, whatever is your preference, we have just the perfect one for you! Our bedsheets reinstate the cultural ethnicity, and heritage of the Pink City, and are sure to leave your guests awestruck with your styling know-how! 

Single Bed Dohar/Blanket 

While dohars or blankets are more apt for the chilly season, they can come in handy to safeguard you from the AC waves also. Check out the extravagant collection of dohars and blankets made of pure cotton material to suit your guest room bed. These come in reversible patterns, so you can change the look of your top of the bed anytime you wish. You will be awed with the durable lace pattern at the corners of these dohars. These are skin-friendly, proven to be hypoallergenic, and protect your body's joints, and muscles to endure the pain as a result of exposure to the AC. The best part is these dohars are machine washable, so you won't have to think twice before washing them to get the sweat, and odour out of them. 

Why Buy Floral Patterned Bed Linen At Jaipur Fabric 

Our vibrant floral printed bedsheets and reversible dohars are designed to enhance the aesthetic elegance of your room. Jaipur Fabric offers cotton handmade bedsheets that are a must-have for any season, especially summer. Choose from our eclectic collection to create a haven for you to relax and unwind. 

Choice of Fabric: At Jaipur Fabric, you will find an exquisite range of cotton floral bedsheets and super soft dohars/blankets for your single, twin, double, or king-size bed, made of 100% pure cotton that is sourced eco-responsibly. You are assured premium quality floral cotton bedsheets and other accessories with us! 

Statement Designs: All our bedding linen are handcrafted by the legacy artisans from all around Jaipur whose work speaks for itself. You can avail of some of the elegant, and antique designs, and patterns with us, which will be a rare find anywhere else. 

Affordable: Affordability is one of our strong fortes. No matter which piece of floral linen you have fallen in love with, you are assured to get it within an affordable price bracket. So, get ready to indulge yourself and leave your guests spellbound at your choice of floral bed linens. 

So, wait no more, get ready to grab great deals only at Jaipur Fabric. 


Which cotton is best for bedsheets?

When it comes to choosing the best fabric for bedsheets, cotton reinstates its position at the top, and rightfully so! Cotton as a bedsheet material offers the feeling of super-softness, is skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, comes with sweat-wicking capabilities, and keeps bedbugs, and dust mites at bay. Among the several cotton variants, Egyptian, Pima, and Supima cotton are considered the best for crafting bedsheets. So, these are the must-haves to ensure a restful night's dreamy sleep! 

What is the best colour for bedsheets?

The colour of the bedsheet is a pivotal aspect to consider. While vibrant colours heighten the aesthetics of your bedroom decor, pastel shades are soothing to the eye. Bedsheets in white, off-white, cream, and pale pink, or blue colours enhance the fashion statement of your bedroom without compromising the sensation of tranquility. White colour is known to induce sleep better. 

Is 144 TC bedsheet good?

Thread count can be defined as the number of threads woven in one square inch of a bedsheet. Generally, a higher thread count means superior quality with 14o being the minimum requirement. Anything above 140TC is considered soft and smooth. so, yes, 144 TC bedsheets are good enough.