Tie Dye

Tie Dye


While the term Tie and Dye was coined in the middle 1960s by the Americans, it has its roots in the history of Asia. The design is famously known by the name of Bandhani in Indian princely states Rajasthan and Gujarat for the last 5000 years. Also, there has been evidence of the T’ang Dynasty in China using this technique in the 6th century. 

Of course, there has to be some reason why the tie and dye pattern is still in demand. Though this design is now used for different options, it beautifully gets highlighted on bedsheets. If you wish to offer a unique and attractive look to your bedroom, getting a tie and dye bed sheet is always a potential idea. But you should make sure to get quality sheets that maintain their quality for a long time. Jaipur Fabric is one such reliable place that can offer you some alluring designs with the assurance of high quality. 

Beautify Your House with Tie and Dye Wall Hangings

If you are not someone who wishes to paint your walls with bold shades or even wishes to use bold wallpapers, hanging these colourful wall hangings is definitely the safest option to add a bit of sparkle to your walls. 

We, at Jaipur Fabric, offer rounded, square, and rectangular wall hangings in different colours that suit your interiors perfectly. While the rectangular or the square wall hangings are exclusively for the walls, you can use the rounded ones for other purposes too such as in the form of table cloths, floor rugs, and others. 

These rounded wall hangings are available in 72” diameter and are 100% cotton. 

Offer a Traditional Touch to Your Bedroom

Whether it is a special occasion or you are expecting a special guest, offer your bedroom a unique traditional touch with these tie and dye bedsheets. Available in the measurement of 270 CM X 220 CM, these bedsheets are available with two matching cushion covers. We offer you these mesmerizing sheets in qualities of 100 to 220 thread counts, whatever suits you. 

Coming straight from the hands of skilled workers, these handicrafts are 100% pure cotton to offer you a comfortable feel on your bed. What else do you need when you have ethnic beauty combined with comfort? 

The Elegance of Mandala Art

A few years back, tie and dye were available in just a particular pattern. But now there is a rich collection of designs offered by the tie and dye workers. The modern designs in fact helped this style to re-enter the industry once again. 

Amidst the modern designs of diverse patterns, one traditional design that has been in trend once again is mandala art. 

Mandala is an ancient art of India that was first used in designing palaces. Not only these designs are impressively pretty but also they are known to help in meditation. These are mainly round in shape with circular designs inside them. Getting such a design on your bedsheet offers an enticing look and also is known to offer a soothing feel. We offer mandala designs also on the bedsheets in different colours and patterns that will compliment your bedroom interiors perfectly. 

Buying Tie and Dye Bed Sheets from Jaipur Fabric?

The best thing about the tie and dye bed sheets is that they are comfortable in every season and they can suit every occasion. Thinking on why should specifically buy tie and dye bed sheets from Jaipur Fabric? Find out why we are special. 

Pure Cotton: Our exclusive tie and dye bed sheets and wall hangings are available in 100% pure cotton fabric that is comfortable to the skin and easy to wash. The handmade sheets are perfectly made that will become a regular favorite soon.

Exclusive Designs: We offer unique design options such as mandala art, rangoli prints, tapestry, and others that are made to grab attention. Our designs are such as you will be lost in the spectrum of colours and patterns that we offer to add up to your interior decor. 

Budget-Friendly: Are you worried about the price after checking out the high-quality and handmade designs of our bedsheets? Do not be as we offer these high-quality and highly impressive tie and dye bed sheets at budget-friendly pricing that will not burn holes in your pockets. 

So, there are so many reasons to buy a tie and dye bed sheet from Jaipur Fabric. Just invest a bit of your attention to indulge in a wide range of collections available to get the one that suits your taste the most. 


Q1. What kind of sheets can you tie-dye?

Answer: The most ideal type of sheet suitable for tie-dye is the 100% pure cotton one. Also, the colour and the designs glorify in a much better way when you use a light-shaded or a white sheet for the purpose. 

Q2. Can you tie-dye cotton sheets?

Answer: Yes, cotton sheets are the perfect fabrics for tie-dye methods. While the pure cotton sheets are the perfect options, polyester mixed cotton sheets can be also used only with compatible dye materials.. 

Q3. How do you dye sheets naturally?

Answer: Dying sheets in natural colours is the best option as these are free from chemicals. The colours extracted from vegetables, fruits, and plants are used in such a case. The fabric is tied with the help of threads into different patterns and then is simmered in the boiling water with the natural dyes, salt, and vinegar for some time. These sheets are washed under cold running water to get the final result.  

Q4. What is mixed with cotton to make bed sheets?

Answer: While most of the manufacturers will claim to offer 100% cotton bedsheets, usually, rayon is used with cotton to make high-quality bed sheets. For other lower qualities, even polyester can be used with cotton to make bed sheets.  

Q5. Can you tie dye bed sheets?

Answer: Yes, you can always tie-dye light solid coloured bedsheets to get some of the most mesmerizing designs for your bedroom. Check out the tie and dye bed sheet collections available at Jaipur Fabric to get the feel of authentic handmade design that has been a part of the Indian culture for ages.


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