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Sanganeri Print

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Do buy Sanganeri printed bed sheets for your room.

Sanganeri is a well-known printing technology that has its origin from Sanganer that is a village in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It has a special place in the heart of weavers and craftsmen. In this printing process, gentle lines and patterns are used along with colored designs. Thus, they both act as the defining factors while doing Sanganeri printing.

Rajasthan is a colorful state well-known for its rich heritage, vivacious lifestyle, and attractive art forms. The garment industry of Jaipur is especially praised for its state-of-the-art printing techniques. Sanganer printing, especially in bedsheets, is one of the printing styles loved by people. Basically, the Sanganeri printing involves ‘calico printing’ in which first the designers outline the prints and then fill in the colors. Afterward, these designs are repeated again in diagonal sections. Rajasthani designers use the chemical as well as vegetable dyes for creating these stunning prints. Originally colors are derived from natural ingredients like –

· Yellow color from buttermilk and turmeric

· The green color from banana leaves

· Black color from iron rust

· Blue color originated from the indigo plant

· Red from sunflowers and sugarcane

· Purple from kirmiz insect.

Why Choose Jaipur Fabric for Sanganeri Print Bed Sheets?

India is acknowledged for its diversity, handicrafts, painting, cuisine, and tapestry. Here, we are discussing the Jaipur fabric picked up for its royalty feel. The specialty of it is the unique methods of preparing it. There are numerous methods by which intricate detailing is done. The ultimate thing about this fabric is that it can be used for making bed sheets, and cushion covers as well. Sanganeri prints can embellish everything with its magnificent touch.There are different processes involved in Sanganeri printing.

Direct processes

Typically, two blocks are used for outlining and filling up the colors. It is used as a direct method of printing. The blocks come with a wooden handle that makes them easy to use.

Resist method

The mentioned method is done by using colors obtained from vegetables and plants. These colors are resisted via wax, clay, and raisins like in Dabu or Iha method.

Discharge process

As the name suggests, it was the nineteenth century when chemicals are used for bleaching or ‘discharging’ the pattern whenever re-printing is required.

Rogan printing

In such a technique, the outline of designing is over-printed using gold. These prints cannot tolerate wear and tear or cannot be washed. Presently, chemical dyes are used for this method. Hence it is less expensive.

Buy Sanganeri Print Bed Sheets Online

Most of the people are presently picking up Sanganeri print bedsheets due to their beautiful combination of patterns and colors. The bright colored prints are usually printed over white backgrounds. Even hand block printing methods are used for Sanganeri printing. You can expect quality printed bed sheets if you are thinking about buying Sanganeri print bed sheets.

Do you know the inspiration behind Sanganeri prints?

It’s the heritage, and royal patronage that is the real inspiration behind the craft. The beautiful culture of Jaipur can easily be seen on these beautiful bedsheets. Thereof, there is no surprise that the Indian textile industry is getting larger. Get Sanganeri print bed sheets online at the price that doesn’t cause any kind of burden on your pocket.


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