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Curtains are the most elegant piece of fabric that can make or break the overall look of your home. It has a beautiful texture that can enhance the beauty of your home with the right style and design. If you want to purchase the best cotton curtains, you first need to know the essential things related to window curtains and bedroom curtains.

 <h2>Types of Curtains:</h2>

 Most common types of curtains that you can choose for your home are:

  1. Pinch pleat curtains

  2. Box pleat curtains

  3. Rod-pocket curtains

  4. Tab-top curtains

  5. Goblet pleat curtains

  6. Pencil pleat curtains

  7. Eyelet (grommet) curtains

 Pleated Curtains: This kind of curtains offers a traditional and formal style to the part of the house. It has a more robust and thicker fabric. This is pinched and stitched from the top to provide the folds that can enhance the texture. It has many pleats which can go well with the sitting room and bedroom furnishing. 

 Box Pleat: It is ideal for the lounges, dining rooms as well as the bedroom. It is so prevalent in the curtains for a home it has uninterrupted folds that go across the length. 

 Rod-Pocket Curtains: This is very light in weight as well as the fabric used in the making is very sheer, which makes it easy to assemble.

Tab-Top Curtains: It is similar to rod pocket and eyelet curtains as it has an easy assembling process. It comes with the loops that can hang and give an ultra, beautiful texture.

 Goblet Pleat: This goes well with the formal and large room. It has a name similar to the wine glass because of the delicate structure.

 Pencil Pleat: It has a single pleat and thinner texture that can look elegant and can be hook easily.  

Eyelet Curtains: It has a modern contemporary style that has open grommets in it. With this ring, it becomes easier to close and open the curtains. 

How can curtains add a luxury touch to your bedroom?

 Curtains come in different spaces, length, fabric, color, print, etc. that can add the most delicate touch to enhance the beauty of your bedroom. A bedroom always needs to have a few romantic surroundings, and no matter what you choose, like the sheer and light fabric, it will add more luxury to the corners. It gives the right style and feels only if you select the most appropriate color matching your overall bedroom interior.

Well-matched curtains play a vital role in interior decoration. The bedroom once furnished elegantly with appealing curtains adds more charm to your home. Bedroom curtains are required to be selected wisely. The inappropriate choices may add a dull feeling.

Using the old fashioned curtains is not anymore in trend. Visualize the versatile range of printed window and door curtains that satisfies your soul. Here, you can select from a wide range of options depending upon the color, print, budget, and staff.  There are solid color curtains for the door as well as windows to overwhelm bright-light. Also, there are printed formats to proffer charm to the interiors. 

For a royal feeling, there are handcrafted curtains that match your surroundings and let you feel the same. Jaipuri curtains are well known for their royal feel. There are also long length curtains that are in fashion nowadays. They not only decorate your interior but also ensure a healthy lifestyle by protecting from outside light and unhealthy-air.

Buy window and door curtains online at Jaipuri Fabric:

 If you want to buy the best curtains that can enhance the interior of your house, then choose from the astonishing collection of Jaipuri Fabric. You can get some handcrafted curtains that can give some royal touch to your surroundings. They have varieties of curtain panels for different home decor purposes. 

 You can get long and short curtains. The wide range of curtains available at the store can protect your home from outside unhealthy air and light. So, you can buy curtains online from Jaipuri Fabric at the most reasonable and affordable price tag.

Here at Jaipur Fabric, you are not required to compromise with either the quality or the price. We offer you the best product with a reliable price tag. If you are searching for an option for the best curtains with reasonable prices, alluring print, adorable stuff, Jaipur Fabric is the right place to visit. You can explore from a huge collection of door, windows and kitchen curtains supplemented with jaw-dropping offers and discounts.

FAQ - Buy Curtains Online    

What are the Different Materials Available in Curtains?

When it comes to buying curtains online, there are different materials for you to select from. Some of the most common types of materials available in curtains are cotton, polyester, linen, silk, rayon, acrylic, lace, and others. For homes, cotton is the most versatile choice of material as it suits traditional and modern decor perfectly. They are also lightweight, durable, machine washable, sun-fade resistance, and can block sunlight in a bright room with ease. If you are looking to buy curtains online that are more affordable and yet sturdy, then polyester material curtains are also a great option. 

How Do I Know What Size Curtains to Buy?

Before you order your cotton curtains online India, it is important to decide what size curtains would be suitable for your room so that you get adequate coverage. The common rule is to measure the rod's width from left to right where you will put up the curtains. You can also measure the window's width and then double the number to get a fuller look. To measure the curtain's length, go from the top of the window to about 8 cm below the window. You can opt for longer curtains if you want to make your rooms look bigger. 

Which One is More Expensive: Curtains or Blinds?

Even though blind technology is becoming popular, they are quite expensive, and it won't be possible for you to change the aesthetic of the room as much as you would like. Window curtains online are made of fabric such as cotton or polyester, which is quite affordable. Since they are available in many different designs and patterns, you can create the perfect atmosphere in your room without spending a lot of money.  

What Is The Best Color for Bedroom Curtains?

Any designer curtains online from Jaipur Fabric will add to the overall decor of your bedroom. One tip is to match the curtain's color palette with that of the tone of the walls. If you have a solid neutral color wall, opt for a bright-colored curtain to add a pop of color. We have a wide range of curtains in different colors, patterns, and styles to match your room's style.

Which Color is Best for Curtains?

Your choice for curtains will depend on the room that you want to hang them. Ideally, you should purchase curtains on a lighter or a darker tone of the room's walls to get a cohesive feel.


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