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Jaipur Fabric presents the "Soft Pastel Collection"

Are you thinking to revamp your room decor with the best bed sheets? Light and soft pastel colors create a friendly, cheerful, and relaxing atmosphere. To start with a fresh day and to chase your dreams. All it ensures is a sound and comfortable sleep at night and a cool and calm mood throughout the day. Pick the most elegant Jaipur Fabric’s pastel bed sheets to add a royal touch to your cozy room.

Why Jaipur Fabric for pastel bed sheets?

Jaipur Fabric pastel bedsheets are purely handmade with extra care and superior 100% pure cotton. The high-quality fabrics are soft, smooth and comfy. Jaipur Fabric has a huge and stunning collection of pastel color bed sheets like pink, brown and green with eye-catching soft boota print patterns. The designed patterns and intricate artwork soothes the eyes and the soul. The bedsheets are printed with seasonal designs and classic pastel colors to make you feel royale and sparkle a touch of ancient heritage to your decor. The pastel bedsheet collections are budget-friendly and infuse a magnificent dose of coziness to your bed. The beautiful Rajasthani handicraft boota printed bedsheet fabrics create a lively atmosphere and instantly relax your body when you lie on it. This latest Jaipur Fabric pastel bedsheet is made with a high 144 thread count and gives a smooth texture and modern look to your room.

About Jaipur Fabric

Jaipur Fabric’s every piece is carefully designed by Rajasthan’s traditional craftsmanship and unique manufacturing methods. The bedsheet material is made of highly strong pure cotton and silk fiber that keeps the material soft and comfortable for several years. The cotton bedsheet collections are at affordable prices, lightweight and known to offer greater sleeping comfort. Jaipur Fabric is not only a brand, but they also treat customers like a family and provide eco-friendly sheets. The bedsheets are free from bacteria, fungi and harmful chemicals. Fabric is light to touch, exceptional strength and cool, and assures you a sound night’s sleep. Honestly, in a minute look of Rajasthani traditional art, refreshing colors and gorgeous patterns steal your hearts and adds a lap of luxury to your room. The exquisite and elegant Jaipuri fabric design has a high demand that is increasing day-by-day. Your mood and environment automatically become uplifted with a positive vibe all around, when you spread out the breathtaking Jaipuri bedsheets on your bed. One gets easily relaxed in it.

About our pastel bed sheet

Pastel bedsheets are known to be light and eye-pleasing with colors that bring admiration and compliment your decor. Pastel shade design fabric has become so popular and is instantly handpicked by many people nowadays. Your day appears happy and blooming when your morning begins with our refreshing patterns. The sheets add a fashionable, trendy and loyal look to your bedroom. The pastel color gives you a friendly warmth right when you step into your room.Warm light color throws richness and luxury to your decor and creates a positive and lively environment. Jaipur fabric’s pleasant and smooth pastel bed sheets are of pure cotton fabric that is skin-friendly which makes your body and minds comfortable when you doze off. Get a Jaipur fabric’s pastel color bedsheet today and feel the luxury right away.

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