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Buy Trendy and High-Quality Quilts Online in India

Jaipuri Rajai or quilts for winter is hand-quilted by our expert craftsmen and made of premium cotton fabric inside and outside for that luxurious feel. These skin-friendly, washable, eye-pleasing, and lightweight fleece blankets were once only used by the royal family. You can buy quilts online today made using the finest materials and the same traditional quilting techniques but in modern and stylish patterns at Jaipur Fabric that will add a traditional vibe and enrich the look of your bed. Choose from a wide range of winter quilts online in mesmerizing and artistic designs that will become an instant favorite in your bedroom. The minute details of the Jaipuri prints are sophisticated and luxe, making them perfect for daily use or gifting purposes. Each of our Razai is made to perfection and is unique. Buy cotton quilts online for single beds, double beds, and even for newborns. From classic Jaipuri design to reversible quilts, you can choose from a wide range of options here to match your needs. Our quilt blankets are not just used as bedding, but it has versatile uses too. You can use them as table runners, tablecloths, wall hangings, and others. Make sure to use our Rajai cover to extend its life. Purchase the best quality blankets online India at the best price and get them delivered to your doorstep in no time. Our appealing winter and AC quilts will be your perfect partner to beat the chill so that you stay warm and cozy! Take a look at our wide range of winter blankets online and find the perfect fit for you.

Why Jaipur Fabric?

Shop for stylish and luxury quilts in many different styles, colors, and sizes only at Jaipur Fabric. Whether your taste is contemporary or traditional, you will be able to find the most exquisite and stunning designs here. Narrow down your choices based on your preferences, such as the fabric, color, price, size, and pattern. Our cotton quilts are made of the finest materials that are soft and lightweight, but still offer the warmth you need to feel cozy during the winters or in your AC room. Unlike cheap and regular blankets you get elsewhere, our quilts are made to last. It is the finer details that we focus on that make our quilts stand out from the rest. Buy blankets online at the best rates and have them delivered to your doorstep within a few days. Choose from our flexible payment options and opt for safe and swift delivery to anywhere in India. If you are looking for the best blankets for winter in India, do not look beyond Jaipur Fabric.

Our Products

JaipurFabric provides some of the finest and exquisite quality Velvet quilts. A quilt is very similar to a blanket, but is light and comfortable and helps to keep the body warm. We deal exclusively with quilts that are made with original fabrics like Bandej Jaipur Fabric, Bagru Fabric and Sanganeri Jaipur Fabric. We offer our customers a variety of products that has resulted in a great footfall of customers. We provide a variety of payment options for all kinds of customers. We have a team of well-specialized people with in-depth knowledge. They have years of expertise in creating valuable and beautiful handwork that is loved by the people over the globe. Special discounts and offers are also made available to our customers. An exclusive range of products is definitely what we strive to offer our customers

The different kind of Quilts

Other than a pillow and cushion covers, bed sheets, and a wide range of single bed quilt and double bed quilts, table cloths and a variety of items, we also excel in creating unique out of the world quilts made of the best quality Jaipur fabrics. We also have Air Condition cotton quilts. We have an assortment of AC cotton quilts in various colors, prints and designs like the Beige, sky blue, sea green, pink and purple, Leaf printed quilts, floral printed quilts, and various other colors and designs.

Experience the state of the art comfort with Jaipur Quilt.


Q. What is Quilt Used For?

Quilts are quite versatile and can be used in many different ways. Its main use is as a blanket, but modern quilts are also used as a throw, a table cloth, wall hanging, or even placed on the top of the bed as a decoration item. You can buy quilts online in different designs, patterns, and sizes, depending on your needs. 

Q. What is the Difference Between a Quilt and a Comforter?

Quilts, also known as rajai, consist of three different fabric layers – the outer layer, inner batting, and the bottom layer. It is the top layer that is stitched in decorative grids or patterns. It has an inner batting, which is usually cotton fabric or can be any other material such as down, wool, or polyester. The bottom layer of the rajai is one piece of cotton fabric that is much simpler than the upper layer. Comforters are generally much thicker blankets where identical pieces of fabric are sewn together. But, they are not layered or stitched in any decorative pattern style. Comforters are also loftier and much warmer than quilts limiting their use to the winter months. Depending on your needs, you can buy a blanket online at Jaipur Fabric. 

Q. How Often Should You Wash Quilts?

You should wash your quilts at least twice a year and even more if you are using it as an AC quilt. You can reduce the number of washes if you vacuum it now and then to remove dirt and dust from it.  

Q. Can Quilts be Washed in Washing Machines?

Hand washing is the preferred method to clean quilts. Do not twist or wring the quilt, instead give it a gentle squeeze. However, our quilts can also be machine-washed using cold water with a gentle detergent on the delicate cycle.

Q. How Do You Freshen a Quilt without Washing it?

Take your quilts outdoors at least once a year on a dry and windy day to freshen it up. Lay them on the ground over sheets instead of hanging them from the clothesline. Another way to quickly freshen it up is by using an attractively designed rajai cover. You can buy a cover for your blanket online from Jaipur Fabric.

Q. What is the Best Blanket for the Winter Season in India?

Quilts are the best blankets for winter in India. Since India's winter season lasts for just a couple of months, people are apprehensive about spending a lot of money on warmer blankets. Quilt blankets can be used all year-round. You can use an AC quilt during the summer months when you sleep with your AC turned on and then layer it up during the winter months for extra warmth.


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