Top 4 tips to take care of your kids in scorching summers

Top 4 tips to take care of your kids in scorching summers

Posted on: July 2nd, 2021 11:39 AM

Summer, the season, has different implications for different people. Soaring temperatures, dusty, and humid weather, and a lot of sweat are some of the key highlights to expect in the summers. Those who are stepping out of the home may have to endure the scorching heat while those staying indoors have an altogether different set of challenges to tackle. For kids, summer may mean extra playtime as the days are longer. However, for parents, it can be daunting to ensure that their kids stay away from any harm. In this blog, we will be discussing kids’ care in summer at length. 

Here are some of the top tips and best practices for you to follow as a parent this summer to ensure your kids have a healthy experience!

Hydration - As a parent, you wish all the very best for your kids, be it health, nutrition, clothing, or anything else for that matter. And, as your kids start growing, you pay extra attention to their nutrition, can you relate? You worry so much that you may turn into an all-time nagging parent asking them to eat this or that or drink plenty of fluids. Well, nagging aside, hydration plays a pivotal role in your kids’ health, especially in the summer. 

Your kids may forget all about their fluid intake while staying outdoors and having a fun time. But you have to ensure that they stay hydrated at all times. Try crafting creative beverages that your kids will adore and gulp without any second thoughts. This will help maintain their hydration levels and electrolyte balance. 

Diet - You sure have left no stone unturned when it comes to making and executing the diet plans for your kids. Well, in summer, you will just have to be extra vigilant. The soaring temperatures tend to alter and accelerate the metabolism process and your kids will need an extra dose of nutrition to stay active at all times. Try including leafy greens, veggies, and fruits in ample amounts in their diets, and avoid greasy, oily, and spicy foods. 

Sun Shield - Remember the days when your kids were smaller and you used to heed the advice from others about exposing them amply to sunlight? Well, that was necessary to boost their Vitamin D levels and help in their bone development process. But it might not be wise to expose them to the scorching heat in the summers. Make sure that you apply sunscreen lotion over their exposed skin, and get summer caps for them to keep their heads cool. 

A Soothing Bedroom Environment - Adore tucking your kids to bed after a string of bedtime stories? Wish your kids to slip into the dreamland? Then, the right bed sheets are your best bet. Summers bring with them soaring temperatures, and a lot of sweat too. Let your kids not suffer through sweating throughout the night and wake up itchy, and irritated in the morning. 

Opt for premium cotton bed sheets that are highly breathable, and keep your kids comfy during sleep. Cotton sheets also come with sweat-wicking and heat insulation capabilities too. These sheets are also hypoallergenic, so you may rest your worries about your kids being troubled by bed bugs, dust mites, and any other allergens. Jaipur Fabric is your one-stop destination for getting some of the coolest, fitted, authentic Rajasthan bed linen for your kids' beds. 

Intrigued to learn more about kids’ care in summer? Stay tuned! 


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