How to choose the right bed linen to beat the heat

How to choose the right bed linen to beat the heat

Posted on: April 23rd, 2021 09:46 AM

After months of chilly winter, and breathtaking autumn, summer is already making its presence known. While the change of season paves the way for changes all around us, it brings its own set of challenges along also. Unlike winter when you love being tucked under layers on your bed, Summer does not offer you this respite. You would very much like to get out of the bed at the crack of dawn to keep the sweat at bay, isn't it? So, what’s your best way out to beat the summer heat? It’s bed sheets

While you may provision for AC, extra airiness, breathability in your bedroom at the outset of Summer, but these will be of no avail if your bed sheets are not up to par! 

Here are some key aspects you should keep in mind while choosing bed linen to beat the summer heat. 

Look for Bed Sheets with Sweat-wicking Attributes

You tend to sweat during the night, which dramatically increases in the Summer. Apart from you tossing and turning till the wee hours of the dawn, waking up with itchiness, and irritation, your bedsheet also ends up bearing the brunt of it. It absorbs the sweat, body oil, skin cells shed during sleep, which makes it the breeding ground for dust mites, and bed bugs. However, king-size bed sheets with sweat-wicking attributes can solve these challenges for once and all for good.

While buying bed sheets online, pay extra attention to this attribute as these sheets will come in handy during the scorching summers. And, the best part is, you don’t have to worry about swapping these sheets next summer as such sheets are usually of premium quality. Check out an extravagant collection of authentic, Rajasthani artisan-crafted bedsheets with intricate designs, and patterns that speak of the rich cultural heritage of India! 

Use a Light Top Layer

With winter the need for layering up the bed immensely is gone. Scorching summer heat does not let you feel comfortable under or above several layers during sleep. If you are vying for that much-needed good night’s restless, and uninterrupted sleep, having a light top layer on your bed is the key. A light top layer makes you feel comfortable during the night. So, no more tossing, and turning on the bed in the night. Opt for lightweight fabric for your bed sheet or the duvet, comforter, or quilt for summer. 

Prefer Pastel Colours

Is your bedroom decor a lot more vibrant, and the same goes for your bed linen? While vibrant bed linen may suit perfectly with your overall home decor, and hike up its aesthetic elegance by several notches, it might not get preferential treatment in the Summer season. While changing your decor each season might not be viable, you can always opt to swap your bed linens! Pastel colours, and especially, white and cream-coloured floral bed sheets are great choices to welcome the summer heat. They will add a touch of comfort, breathability, and airiness to your bedroom. 

Opt for Breathable Fabric

Breathability becomes the top-most priority as summer approaches. When it comes to breathability, cotton fabric is the go-to option for you. Apart from cotton, you can also opt for natural fibers such as bamboo, and silk, and artificial fabrics such as Tencel® and Rayon, which come with great breathability, and sweat-wicking capabilities. 

Keep Light Comforters, and Quilts Handy

The idea of comforters or a quilt may seem odd in the summer. However, they are still important despite the heat. While overnight AC cooling can’t be ignored during summer nights, comfy comforters, duvets, dohar, or quilts can come to your rescue. They will help you maintain a close equilibrium between heat, and cold. 

Parting Thought

 Summer is already here, and now is just the right time to stack your bed line wardrobe for the approaching hot weather. No matter whatever you are looking for, you are assured to get a wide variety of choices at Jaipur Fabric. Be it double bed sheets or king-size bedsheets or bedsheets in intricate, floral patterns, Jaipur Fabric is your one-stop destination. You are assured premium-quality bed linen, and accessories at affordable prices! Gear up to be summer-ready with an online shopping spree only with Jaipur Fabric! 


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