Danka embroidery

The World of Danka Embroidery

Posted on: July 11th, 2017 04:17 PM

Danka embroidery, from the house of Rajasthan, is exclusive metal embroidery. It is extensively fund on the fabrics of Rajasthan attractive millions of people towards its sheer magnificence. The best part about Danka is that it is stated to 400 years old embroidery art work of Udaipur, Rajasthan. With grandeur form of art, Danka has been predominantly practiced by the Bohra Community of Udaipur. Known to be a small sized square plate, Danka was crafted in pure gold at the time of kings and queens. Now, the scenario is such that the work is richly crafted with the ardent support of gold-plated silver Dankas are used.

To craft out the Danka, thin, finest piece and refined silver sheets of 98 percent purity are electroplated in the strips with gold. Further to this, they are washed, polished with fine sand and hammered for getting fineness. Considering the cost of the fabric having Danka embroidery, it is decided as per the weight of the total Danka material used on the fabric. And certainly, one can find Danka embroidery beautified on fabrics like silk, chiffon or satin. The fabric is strained tightly on a wooden frame before it is embellished and the embroidery expert sits on the floor. Danka pieces are placed on the fabric as per the required design. Then, Danka is penetrated with a sharp needle, passing out the thread through the fabric. Around three to five components of gold or silver wire are positioned over every Danka and embedded down along its ends. It is fortified with eight stitches in the form of a knot.

Considering the beauty and designs of Danka embroidery patterned on the fabric, they are inspired by nature. One may find sun, moon, floral and even birds drafted as a piece of design. Scintillatingly beautiful and majestic, these patterns have managed to create a special market place for them. Circular and flat metal braids of around one quarter of a centimetre in width are utilized extensively to put focus on the design. Supplementary stitches needed include the chain stitch and satin stitch for filling the design as well as giving it a fuller appeal. On the other side, stem and running stitches are utilized for the purpose of crafting lighter embroidery patterns. With the increasing popularity, people are always on a look out to buy exclusive material; especially, at the time of wedding functions.

These days, materials adorned with Danka embroidery are available on online stores selling Rajasthani art work. Some of the websites have a wide array of designs to impress the audience and provide ample information on the exquisite work of art. Along with this, it seems to be the best option for the buyers as it tends to save their time in hunting for the suitable masterpiece. Each and every piece designed with Danka embroidery is explicit of class and royalty. Bedecked with stylish patterns, the fabrics with Danka work is always attractive. Moreover, online shopping allow people to get their stuff at the doorstep. 


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