Points to Consider Before Buying Quilts Online

Posted on: January 22nd, 2022 12:42 PM

Returning home from a tiring day at the office would ask for some comfort at home. Especially, when it is a heavy winter season and the breeze outside has already made your spine chill. This season teaches us the importance of warm hugs. Nothing could satisfy you more than an already made bed. A cherry on the cake would be your favourite quilt neatly spread. However, there are a few mistakes that quilt buyers make. We would acquaint you with the points to consider before buying quilts online.
This blog is a medium of spreading awareness regarding quilts, so that you do not get deceived. Let us begin with some eye-opening facts.

•    Fabric of the quilt.

One of the most essential aspects of selecting the best quilt for heavy winter is to check its fabric. Know that the cover of the product you are buying will come in contact with your skin. A cover that is coarse and causes itchiness is never an option.
The cover of the quilt is as important as any other part of it. Since, the fabric will constantly rub against the user’s skin, we need to choose a premium material. It should feel soft and gentle. Thus, whenever you look for a quilt, also consider the fabric so that you do not regret later.

•    Quilt-Filling is an important factor.

Anything that is inside has the ability to keep you warm. Indeed! You got me right. Quilt-filling is an important factor that can help you determine the appropriate choice for yourself. Asking about the filling can actually save you from feeling cold at night and experiencing a disturbed sleep.
There are different kinds of quilt filling that the manufacturers stuff. For instance- polyester, polyester-mix, cotton, microfiber thermoball and others. Each of these would play a role in offering a certain amount of warmth. Depending upon the winter or amount of heat required, one can select the filling and enjoy being snuggled in the quilt.

•    Check its construction for buying the best quilt for heavy winter.

A common mistake that buyers make while choosing the quilt is that they never check the construction of the product. Here, construction does not mean the level of layers but how it is sewn. It is necessary to be aware of the construct.Usually, baffle box construction is the highly recommended stitching technique to opt for.
In this particular method, we tailor the quilt in small boxes to secure the filling. This eventually results in lesser flat filling and at the same time provides maximum warmth. Thus, ask your salesperson to guide you about the construction technique too. This will help you in buying the best quilt for heavy winter.

•    Weight cannot determine the quality.

The weight of a Jaipur Razai is generally lighter than other heavy winter quilts India. Nevertheless, Jaipur Rajai feels warm and comfortable to wrap around. Therefore, it is perplexing for a buyer to determine whether or not to buy a lightweight quilt for heavy winter.
As we have already explained above that the heavy winter quilts India would depend upon the fabric and the filling. There is no need to go for a heavyweight quilt to keep you warm. Acquaint yourself with the variety of fillings that will keep you warm and also feel light. This will  also lead towards an undisturbed sleep.

•    Go for brands to buy a durable quilt.

There is no second thought about how astonishingly brands can satiate you. When it comes to buying a durable accessory looking for brands is a must. It is because having goodwill in the market, there are minimal chances of a brand to negotiate in terms of quality.
Consequently, for buying a durable quilt what would be a better option than a brand. You will get a premium quality quilt that would be worth investing into. Thereupon, even if you feel that brands may cost too much; try having it from an off season sale for bringing home an uncompromised quilt.

•    Care Labels are the hero.

Though people today are well aware yet it is our responsibility to tell you about care labels. A care label is a guide on how to maintain the quilt. It holds some necessary information that can save your quilts from getting deteriorated.
From the guidelines on how to wash, dry, and clean, the care labels help you in maintaining the quilt for the long term. A highly maintained quilt would remain soft, comfortable and have an exaggerated time span. Those who understand the details mentioned here end up saving both the time and money.

•    Market study

Well, we cannot keep market study at bay. We believe that before investing your hard-earned money anywhere, you should always do a little research. Educating yourself with the different kinds of similar products, price range and brands will help you select the right option.
As well as, when you have already studied about it, you would know exactly where to head. Eventually, this will culminate in providing you the best quilt. Also, buying a quilt online will not feel tedious.
Hope you find this blog by Jaipur Fabric knowledgeable enough to help you comprehend the decision drivers when buying a quilt.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What is a quilt used for?
A quilt is used for multiple purposes in houses. From a coverlet to decorating your walls, a quilt has been an enchanting accessory. Sometimes, quilts are also used as framed artworks, or table runners.
2.    What are the different sizes of quilts available?
At Jaipur Fabric, we have quilts available in double and single bed sizes. These dimensions would be satisfactory. We ensure that the quilts available will not be a compromising product.
3.    Which is the best quilt for winters?
A quilt that has a baffle box construction and contains goose down filling is perhaps the best quilt for winters. 
4.    What is a Jaipuri Rajai?
A Jaipuri Rajai is a quilt that is traditionally made with the help of hand woven khadi as the fabric shell. It is lightweight and also feels soft to cover.  
5.    How can Jaipur Fabric be my best friend for buying a quilt?
Jaipur Fabric experts keep a check on all the above stated points. As well as, we provide heavy discounts and uncompromised products.


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