How to use a quilt to get maximum warmth?

Posted on: January 4th, 2022 11:26 AM

You must be using a quilt for a longer period of time. But are you satisfied with it? There are different quilts that are popular for serving different purposes. However, the modern day quilts have evolved. We will tell you how to use a quilt to get maximum warmth and you can see if you are using it right.
First things first, let us understand the meaning of quilt before indulging into its use.

Meaning of a quilt

It is important to know that a quilt is a sleeping bag without the back section's insulation. The theory that lays the foundation is that by removing the least effective element of a standard sleeping bag, you can create a camping "blanket".
This makes the quilt efficient, lightweight, comfortable, and versatile.
Since a quilt does not entirely encircle you, it feels more like a regular blanket at home. It allows you to sleep whichever side you choose — on your back, sides, or stomach. The best quilts for heavy winter are intended to be used in conjunction with a sleeping pad, which provides the necessary insulation between the user and the cold ground.

Effective way to use a heavy winter quilt India

There are multiple ways in which you can use a heavy winter quilt India. Now that we have understood the meaning of a quilt, let’s learn the effective way to use a quilt step by step.
What do you do to keep your head warm?
The traditional mummy-style hood works well if you sleep on your back. But it's not a pleasant situation if you toss and turn in your sleep. It is because you may flip over during the night and end up face down in the hood. Jaipur Fabric quilts have hoods, which are extra-long pieces that extend past the neck section of traditional quilts.
With its simple contoured design, this hood makes it simple to wrap the quilt around the body and over the head. It keeps draughts at bay and allows you to sleep comfortably with your head covered, no matter which way you sleep.
When using a quilt, how do you keep cold draughts at bay?
Jaipur Fabric Quilts online have a non-insulated breathable fabric strip sewn around the edges. Its purpose is to seal any unintentional gaps that may allow the warmth to escape. You can tuck the draught stopper under you to create a cosy cocoon of warmth. Therefore, it is draft-free.
Else you can just lay it out on the sides for easy ventilation when it gets too hot. The draught stopper and hood work together to create a comfortable atmosphere of warmth that is draft-free. As a breathable fabric, you would find it gentle on skin too.

How can you keep your quilt from slipping off your body?

The sleeping pad connection system secures the lightweight quilt for heavy winter in place, allowing you to sleep like a rotisserie. It's made up of:
1 elastic webbing with slots
2 ultra-thin toggles constructed of unbreakable polycarbonate
With these two components, the system reduces the amount of heavy hardware between your back and the pad. Thereby, it results in a more comfortable and unobtrusive sleeping experience.

How to Layer Your Jaipur Razai Inside?

Begin with a next-to-skin layer that wicks moisture away from the skin – either polyester or wool. Wear socks and a fleece hat or beanie to protect your extremities and head, which will lose a lot of heat. When you begin to feel uncomfortably warm, simply remove them.
Keep thicker insulating layers, such as a fleece or down jacket, inside your bag, ready to put on when you don't feel warm enough. The key is to keep your body temperature under control so that you never sweat inside your quilt. If you wake up sweating from wearing too many layers, you will be extremely cold as your sweat cools on your skin, and it will be difficult to warm up again. Stated above are a few ways by which you can use a quilt to get maximum warmth.
Nevertheless, when shopping online there are a few parameters that you can check. The use of filters is an ultimate way to reach the product that we require. Online shopping allows you to know various aspects of the quilt you are planning to buy. As well as reviews by end users also act as a decision driver. Thereupon, even if you are not a regular buyer, reviews can save you from being duped. Though time-consuming, this exercise is worth it. Before investing in a quilt online you can check specifications and reviews & choose the one meant to provide the required warmth.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I actually make my quilt warmer? How?

Yes, you can make a quilt warmer. Look for a lofty batting, such as polyester or wool, to really crank up the heat. Because both fibres are significantly lighter than cotton, they provide insulation without adding weight. Lofty battings also improve stitch definition, making quilting stand out.
2. Which is the perfect filling for a lightweight quilt for heavy winter?
Anything that is inside has the ability to keep you warm. Indeed! You got me right. Quilt-filling is an important factor that can help you determine the appropriate choice for yourself. Asking about the filling can actually save you from feeling cold at night and experiencing a disturbed sleep.
3. Why is Jaipur Fabric an ultimate destination for buying the best quilt India?
At Jaipur Fabric, we have varieties of comforter sets available in different sizes. You can filter your requirements through our large assortment of fluffy comforter sets. We provide the best quality products at reasonable rates. We work strongly on customer satisfaction. Nonetheless, if you still find the product dissatisfactory, Jaipur Fabric has a 7 days (seven) return policy. Within the given number of days, if you approach us; we will do the needful.


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