Peerless Paisley Prints

Peerless Paisley Prints

Posted on: August 31st, 2021 12:04 PM

Are you wondering where to find an elegant bed sheet? Looking for a site from where you can have multiple options to select? A website where all the articles are available at a reasonable rate? Well, it is Jaipur Fabric. No, we are not boasting for ourselves. The buyer certainly gets to select from a wide range of products at an economical price. 

This time we would like to present to you Paisley Bed Sheets. The pattern is widely acknowledged and much praised. The peerless paisley prints would entrap you in its beauty. These are the most graceful sheets which would add a feather to the outlook of your interiors. 

Paisley Print has its roots deeply tucked in ancient Persia. A long history that follows this motif tells us stories about how the design attained admiration of many. The changing time turned the view people hold towards it. Soon, the print established a celebrated position in the handloom industry. Not only did it gain popularity as a handloom print but also as an architectural impression.

The motif is a tear drop shaped pattern with a curvy edge. It is an enticing pattern which earned smitten a large audience. During the earlier period, Kashmiri shawls were predominantly embroidered with this pattern. Particularly, the male folk used to wear these wrap overs. A symbol of royalty and sophistication is what it became. In the present hour, paisley print gloriously decorates the fabric. You can spot the design as a common pattern on dress fabrics, curtains, bed sheets, pillow covers, cutlery sets, and etc.  

For a long time, we have been indulged in curating innumerable new flanged designs. Paisley bed sheets are a unique combination of aesthetics and beauty. It represents a long standing tradition which keeps you in association with the past. Carved neatly with care, the piece of cloth is pure cotton having the print as an overstatement. Our weavers have woven multiple exquisite designs. Let us make you peep into the galvanizing motifs under this category. 

This window to Paisley Print Bed sheets India will take you on a memorable journey. Are you all set to go? Come on!

1. Awe of Hand Block Print Paisley

An appeasing mercerized cotton bed sheet with paisley print is a distinct covering for your bed. Its durability is the most important feature. With an impression of hand block, it has a long lasting guarantee. In addition to this, the buyer gets lustrous color fastness which means the color of the sheet will remain intact for a longer period of time. Furthermore, you can select from various trending colors and all of it can be made available at a reasonable price. 

2. Princely Paisley Hand Block Print 

As the name suggests, the Princely Paisley Hand Block Print is a sophisticated design which is particularly carved to reflect a royal impression. With a broad border, this sheet attracts the focus in the middle where the actual paisley awaits to grab a hold of your eyes. A seamless bed sheet India will render towards a sound sleep. 

3. Beautiful Artistic Paisley

As the paisley motif has its roots in ancient India, the Beautiful Artistic Paisley brings with itself antiquity. Adorned with some magnificent colours like maroon and mustard, the bed sheet is shoved with tiny paisleys. All over the covering, takes breath cute artistic paisley which gives the bed sheet a fuller appearance. Besides having such a heavy pattern, the sheet is handy and washable at home. 

4. Paisley Petals Blue King

Paisley Petals Blue King is an opulent form of bed sheet which is elegant in its outlook. Graciously embellishing your bed, this particular bed sheet becomes a bed essential. The paisley patchwork exists in between the closed boundaries making the garment look attractive. Indeed, a bed sheet is a garment for your mattress and the bed. Now, how you decorate it decides the final look. 

5. Diverging Paisley

Woven for a pleasant experience, Diverging Paisley is an indignant bed sheet. It has a count of 240 threads which makes this piece of bed covering really affluent. The designer divides rows filled with tiny paisleys which look both decent and classy. The caution which comes along this bed sheet is that you need to handle it with care while washing. Using hard detergent is strongly prohibited as well as the sheet should not be tumble dried. 

6. Placid Paisley

A subtle cotton and satin bed sheet which spreads on the bed with a poise. The placid paisley bed sheet India is one of the most cost effective products. Pastel color of the sheet uplifts the entire decoration of the room. The bed sheet compliments the bed as if nothing would suit it better. It is a light weight fabric stitched with a breathable material. A blend of this would render towards a deep sleep. 

7. Pleasing Paisley

Paisley is indeed a pleasing pattern, when the name of the sheet itself is pleasing paisley you can definitely understand how wonderful it will be. Super comfy and easy to use, this bed sheet is composed of a high quality cotton material which heightens the experience of using pleasing paisley bed covering. 

What we have not stated above is that each bed sheet having paisley print on it is a superfluous article. Every bed sheet has its own distinct features which appropriately fit on different occasions. While some bed sheets would match the diurnal conditions simultaneously others will be suitable for parties or events. Except for the above mentioned motifs, we have more in the store. The patterns are inclusive of Pageant Paisley, Colorful Paisley Satrangi, Playful Paisley, Paisley Creamish Green, Artistic Paisley and many more. 

Still confused? Oh! You should not be. Well, in the detailed description of the product we have tried to portray each and every important aspect of it. So, enliven your joy of shopping by choosing the bed sheets that appeal to your heart. Buy your own paisley bed sheet at an inexpensive price from Jaipur fabric today! Hurry, offer ends soon!


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