Paisley Print

Paisley Print Integrated with Floral Design is a Must Have

Posted on: January 4th, 2018 12:08 PM

Paisley print is in itself a unique art form done on the fabric. Belonging to the exquisite town of Persia, it has spread across the Central Asia and Iran. In this art form, reverse droplet is drawn with the help of thread or in the printing form. Due to its inimitable look, it was earlier patronized by the elite class people. When this paisley art work reached in the hands of the middle income group, it flourishes and gained true value.

When the pattern of paisley print syndicates with floral design coupled by the help of fluorescent colorful threads, its worth increases. The Paisley print done on the fabric is very much popular among the youth. Earlier, paisley prints were purely influenced by nature such as flower designs, leaf patterns.

With the changing taste of younger generation, designers integrated paisley print with other modern designs. Changes in the social status of people had also motivated today’s craftsmanship to create diverse patterns of paisley prints on several types of fabrics. Textile industry of India is transforming constantly. Fashion in youth and even in all age groups demand new patterns with the each passing day.

Paisley print with floral patterns is in great demand in India as well as International Market. Even in the fashion shows, top-notch models wear the paisley printed dresses such as coats, long gowns, small frocks and skirt. Bright and neon shades being the major demand as base color adds glamor to such patterns. This is the expertise of the designers to create difference among each and every piece.

Not only in garments; but paisley floral prints had been experimented on household articles including hand printing and machine printing techniques. Décor items that can add beauty to any room have become a part of growing demands. In good old days, beautiful things were available in the market to add lustrous appeal to the interiors. As per the existing scenario, when people had changed their standard of living as per society, need for modernized décor items rose. Resultantly, every aspect is looked after while purchasing crockery, wall hangings, rugs, cushion covers, bed sheets, curtains and many more. Following the popularity of paisley print with floral pattern, these decorative items are produced efficiently.

Not only for self-use; garments or house décor items can be selected for gifting purpose also. The gift of paisley printed product can bond the relations strongly as it reflects love and care towards the person for whom it had been selected.  Whether garments, household articles or decorative items, all of these can be purchased from the regular markets but specialized patterns such as paisley prints unified with floral designs can only be purchased from big malls or giant shops. One can also choose these articles or garments from online. Today, selling online has become a technique to sell the products so that unreachable customers can also view the details of the products available and can purchase them without any hassle.


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