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Paisley Print in smudge style is Appreciative to watch

Posted on: May 20th, 2017 12:04 PM

The art of India depicts its various patterns on the shawls and stoles, it is famous for. The main pattern which is reflected on these shawls is the reversed teardrop shape which also looks like a vegetable. It is important to know the name of this teardrop design. It is called “Paisley”.

On hearing this word, one can easily make out that this word is not connected to Indian origin. This art prevailed in India at very fast pace and dig its root in Kashmir for preparation of shawls. The artisans of Kashmir used this paisley designs combining with other form in such a way that it became an important part of woolen embroideries.

This Paisley print became so popular that even The East India company imported paisley shawls from Kashmir .This shawl became so famous in western culture that even one of the empress also wore it and ultimately it became a piece of nobility.   

This paisley print has traced its footprints in the land of colors, ”Rajasthan”. This state of tradition has adopted this art style in Block printing. As earlier this paisley print was done in Embroidery form over shawls which every time cannot be worn and was restricted to the winter season only.

With the passing years, as trend is changing every day, younger generations have shown their keen interest in garments printed with paisley effect and later on this print was smudged with plain printing with the help of bright colors as an experiment . This type of smudge style in parsley was greatly liked by people who were found of wearing different patterns and class looking fabrics.

Paisley effect was earlier done on woolen materials such as shawls and scarfs but now days it is done on silks, chiffons, georgettes, and cottons while contrasting them with many other styles of printing. Even looking over to male customers’ demands, designers have made tie and shirts laying paisley effects.

One can say that paisley prints in smudge style are appreciative to watch. One cannot retain himself from buying the fabric imprinted with paisley art work. Its demand all across the globe has raised its production numbers. Due to its versatility it is worn both in India as well as at International level. Even models had also displayed the paisley printed clothes designed by famous designers at the International Fashion Shows.

These fabrics with paisley prints are available at many reputed stores and if want to shop with ease then online is the best place to shop. When it comes to the matter of buying them online, there are numerous websites offering them at exquisite prices. Many of the online stores provide discounts on a collective purchase. This is the reason that people happen to buy Paisley printed fabrics online. Moreover, it saves on quality time by running around retail stores for authentic masterpiece. 


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