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Rajasthan is a State with Exquisite Printing Styles

Posted on: May 12th, 2017 05:58 PM

Rajasthan is known for its vast traditional culture as well as speckled printing styles. There are many printing techniques followed by the Rajasthani artisans. Diverse printing patterns are used on the fabrics to beautify their look. Daboo work, Block printing, Bagru Printing, and Ajrakh printing are well-known as exotic Rajasthani art styles. At Jaipur Fabric, you can avail of some of the exquisite Rajasthani artisan-crafted bed sheets, comforters, quilts, cushion covers that keep the authentic Rajasthani culture, and heritage alive. 

In this blog, we will be focusing on some of the great Rajasthani art forms such as block printing, Dabu printing, Bagru printing, etc. 

In Block printing, hand-carved wooden blocks are prepared in several patterns. These beautifully mottled-designed blocks are dipped in the organic colors made with the vegetables and later on imprinted on the fabric. This process is slightly time-consuming as compared to the other printing styles on textiles. On the other hand, Block printing is from Sanganer, known for its hard working craftsmen. They happen to belong to the Chippa community. Such a form of printing is generally done on white backgrounds and even applied on bright-colored bases at several points in time. This printing style exhibits floral designs.

Apart from the others, Dabu or spelled as Daboo print is an ancient mud resist hand block printing technique from Rajasthan. This form of printing has to go through many stages and is very laborious. Along with Rajasthani art designs, modern concepts are also used in this printing. Thus, Daboo printing is used to design Indian and Indo-western clothes as well as home decorative articles. The patterns of Daboo prints are influenced by nature such as plants, birds, flowers, fruits as well as traditional creative designs. You can get some of the authentic Dabu printed double and king-size bed sheets at Jaipur Fabric in a wide range of colours, and designs. 

Coming to Bagru, it is also one of the forms of block printing that gained popularity among customers because of the organic colors used in this style. This printing is also painstakingly arduous. In Bagru printing, black, brown, beige, and red base colors are used. Bagru prints have different themes and geometrical patterns.

Another form of printing in Rajasthan is Ajrakh, which has been a very popular technique. It aims at using natural and vegetable dyes. In this style of printing, mostly Jaal patterns are followed all over the cloth. At some points, jaal is printed at the center and borders run on all four sides. 

These printing forms are adorned on garments, bed linens, cushion covers, and many home décor items. Patterns may be different, but the use of natural and vegetable colors is common in all of these printing styles. Standing to be the birthplace of Block Printing, Rajasthan has managed to carve a niche for itself in the world of handicrafts.

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Due to the eco-friendly nature of these printing graphics, they are in great demand in India as well as outside India. Being skin-friendly, these fabrics, especially garments worn by ladies are in huge demand and this increasing demand has given a boom to the Rajasthan Textile Industry, which is the source of income of many families in underprivileged areas.

These hand-printed fabrics are available with cloth suppliers in the routine markets as well as online. People willing to shop online can search for websites of emporiums or stores to check out the variety. 

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