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How to Get Truly Impressive Quilts for Your King-size Bed

Posted on: September 22nd, 2021 10:15 AM

After moderately scorching summers, pouring monsoons, and colourful autumn, and spring, winter is just around the corner. And, when winter is approaching fast, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Staying warm, isn’t it? And, what better way to achieve the same than with quilts? Quilts depict warmth, comfort, splashes of colour to the bedding, and of course a style statement. So, we have established that quilts are not to be taken for granted as a lot goes into getting the truly impressive, and perfect quilt for your bed, irrespective of its size. If you have been browsing quilts online, this blog will help you get the perfect one!

Quilt for King-size Bed

Given we spend 1/3rd of our lives sleeping, and approximately 7 to 8 hours on a daily basis, a comfy bed is quite the allure and necessity nonetheless. No matter how spacious of a bedroom you might have or what size of bed be it a single, double, queen or king size bed, your bedroom deserves the best of everything. Your bedroom is the haven from where you gain the energy to go on for the next day. Quality sleep is highly essential for our personal, social, and physical well-being as reinstated time and again by research, and studies. In this article, we have broadly talked about a quilt for a king-size bed. Let’s dive deep.

Browsing quilts online? Have you taken note of your king size bed’s dimension? Well, you won’t want an ill-fitting quilt for your bed, now would you? The quilt size for a king size bed must be taken into consideration when you are perusing quilts either online or offline. The right quilt will ensure you stay cozy in the winters by chasing the chills effortlessly. The right king size quilt can take the aesthetics of your bedroom up by several notches, and further complement the vibes set out by your king size bedsheets.

How to Choose The Apt King Size Quilt

The bed size may vary based on a lot of factors. Say, you might have a queen or king size bed in your master bedroom or a twin bed or double decker bed for your kids. If you have a single bed mattress with less thickness then a single quilt of 140 x 210cm dimension will do. However, if you have a king-size single bed, opting for a double quilt of 180 x 210cm dimension will be judicious. This is the best quilt size for a king single bed.

When you have a double bed, opting for a double bed quilt can be right, if you are sleeping alone. However, if you have a partner, or kids, or pets with you, a double quilt might not be enough. At such a juncture, consider upsizing your quilt to a queen size. Though the queen size quilt will be a bit oversized, this will add to the luxury feel of your bed, and bedroom.

The million-dollar question is what is the right quilt size for a king size bed. Of course you can get a king size quilt. But will it be enough from the decor perspective as well as comfort-wise? Well, cease guessing. Get a super king size quilt to adorn your king-size bed. While a king size quilt has a dimension of 240 x 210cm, a super king size quilt measures somewhere close to 270 x 240cm. Get ready to ace that perfect quilt look. Enjoy slipping under the quilt at night to get that much needed night’s restful sleep that will leave you invigorated for the next day. Aside from comfort, you stand a chance to garner awe-inspiring compliments from your guests too with your king size bedsheets and quilts killer combo.

Why Jaipur Fabric Is Your Ultimate Destination for Quilts Online

No matter if you are looking for a quilt for a king size bed or a queen or twin one, Jaipur Fabric is your ultimate destination to purchase quilts. We bring to your doorstep an exhaustive range of authentic Rajasthani quilts made from cotton, wool, polyester, acrylic, fleece, and vellux fabrics. Get ready to seek comfort with our fluffy yet cozy cotton quilts in moderate summers, and chilling winters.

When it comes to king size quilts, you will find an innumerable variety of options at your disposal, online, and offline alike. So, what makes Jaipur Fabric’s quilts stand out from the crowd? Well, at Jaipur Fabric, quilts are not just another set of bed linen accessories, it represents an emotion. All our quilts are hand stitched by legacy artisans from the Pink City and give off the regal vibe inspired by culture, and heritage-rich India.

Premium quality fabric, and raw materials are our promise to the customers. As you might be aware, quilt making involves top, middle and bottom layers, which involves a varied range of fabrics. With Jaipur Fabric quilts for a king size bed, you are assured premium fabric at an unbeatable price bracket.

In the age where multi-tasking, multi device usage takes precedence, why not leverage the quilts for multiple purposes? All our quilts come with reversible design patterns so that you can swap your bed’s look as per your mood. Our quilts have usage out of the bedroom too. You can drape it over the sofa or diwan or lounge area to revamp the decor.

So, wait no more. Get going fast to avail of thrilling discounts of quilts online available at Jaipur Fabric right away!


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