How To Decorate Your Home In Simple Steps

How To Decorate Your Home In Simple Steps

Posted on: October 24th, 2016 04:01 PM

Some people are born with the eyes for decorating and designing. Some are fond of learning the skills and apply successfully in their home. Some of the decorating tips can go a long way. If you don’t have much knack for design, then follow these simple steps and make your house like your dream home. These decorating steps, rules, and principles are simple enough that anyone can apply them. Make your home presentable whether it may not look like west elm catalog.

·         Follow the Rule of Odd Numbers-harmony and visual interest can be created by the designing with an odd number as a foundation. It helps to have the grouping of objects according to shape, texture, and heights. There should be something that groups your items together. But also something about each of them that is slightly different. This is just the basic rule and it does not work in every instance. And if you don’t like this grouping then go with your gut.

·         Start With Your Color Scheme- The color scheme is simple and you can go with vastu at the same time for the makeover of your home. For head to toe make over you must for the first step to create the pallet. It plays itself out in different ways for different rooms.

·         Decide What You Like-People sometimes don’t know what they like or what they like in decorating style. They actually don’t know how to articulate their preference; it’s not that they don’t have an opinion. The best way is to go through the photos of other houses. You can score pictures from magazines and design books. You must be aware of the common denominators like color, furniture style, pattern, and density of objects in the room.

·         Find Your Room’s Focal Point-The most emphasized feature is the focal point of the room. For creating such points here are some points: paint one wall a different color. Decide for what you use the room, and then create the focal point. For example, if you are using the room for reading then book shelves must be the focal point. You can use the large piece of the art pictures for the focal point.

·         Curtains Of The House- They are the main focus of your home, so make sure that you go for the right choice for choosing the curtains. Whether curtains color or the texture. You can go for buying curtains online. The best curtains you can choose are tan English curtains, bright yellow curtains, and redcolored curtains. Never go for the same color as the wall of the space. Another method is to take a tone to tone approach to decorating which gives the room monolithic yet intriguing look. 

·         How To Choose Curtains-Fabric is an essential part of choosing the curtains. The material will dictate how your curtains hold up over time. Sunlight fades the color of the curtains so avoid using light colored curtains. Some fabrics keep out the cold. Ou can use suede, velvet tapestry, or tweed.

Your first house is never your last house. Don’t feel like you will be living with the every decision for the rest of the life. Be careful while choosing for your home. These tips make your dream come true.


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