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How To Build A Stress Free Bedroom

Posted on: October 12th, 2016 11:39 AM

After a long time hectic when we come home all we need is just bedroom where we can relax. You spend third part of your life in the bedroom. So why don’t you make your bedroom more comfortable? When it’s come to the decoration, the bedroom is the favorite part of all. As it is the first room in which we allowed to flex our personal design freedom. The bedroom must be a luxurious place to tuck away from the world. Here are some tips that make your bedroom stress-free and relaxing.

  • Bed And Beddings- Make sure that you choose the beddings and bed that offers you comfort and enough support. Try embellishing with adding a feather bed or egg crate. Use pillow protector for easy cleaning. Always keep simple using 100% cotton bed sheet. Bed sheet should be of 200 thread count. Be sure that first, you wash before using the bed sheet. To have that hotel feel you can iron and starch the bed sheet. Avoid beaded pillow, all things should be comfortable on the bed.  Don’t buy the biggest bed. It looks most charming when the bedroom is not swallowed up by the giant bed.
  • De-clutter Everything- If you make your bed a sanctuary, then your nightstand is a shine. It’s easy to consider your bedroom as the most personal space to become cluttered with textbooks, photos, clothes from last weekend that made it to closest and everything in between. Rethink that your usable are properly on the place.  Clear your workspace of all items that you don’t use on the weekly basis. Invest the hamper instead of turning your desk chair into a makeshift clothing rack.
  • Décor, Curtain, And Color- To make clutter-free keep few precious objects. About curtains make sure that controlling the light is important and drapes that pool on the floor. Have curtains that are easily being closed and open. Have treatment according to the privacy and lighting you need. Choose a color with which you fall in love with it. Having light-colored walls, potted plants, and colored pillows are the colors that energize the whole day and night. Scientists believe that blue color affects the autonomic nervous system. So go for blue.
  • Scent Your Room With Different Essential Oils- For reducing stress there are many oils, recognized in the aromatherapy. There are different ways to introduce the oils in the room. One is you can use the lamp and put few drops of oil and turn on the lamp to let the oil warm and scent the room. Another is to make the potpourri, collection of different herbs treated with essential oils.
  • Try Few Feng Shui Tips- Feng shui aims to achieve the harmony between you spiritual and physical environment. According to the ancient disciplines properly positioning of elements of the room creates the energy flow and balances the energy. Keep your bed opposite side of the door. Keep computer and desks in their work related energy out of the bed room.

Apart from all these tips keep your bedroom clean and properly managed so that all your stress flies over when you enter your bed room. Following these tips make your room a stress free and relaxed place where you can feel like away from the world.


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