How Often Should You Wash BedSheets?

Posted on: April 28th, 2020 11:32 AM

How often do Bed Sheets Need to be Washed

Keeping home clean and tidy is every homemaker’s dream, Yet, it is tremendously difficult with pets and kids running around your home. The cleaning process is a never-ending stream and might even drain you. But scientists and microbiologists say that it’s not enough to keep the bacteria away. We spend most of the time in bed, leaving behind the sweat, dirt and body oil. It is necessary to wash the bedsheets often and in the right manner. 

Weekly Vs Monthly: What’s the Right Frequency? 

It is better to wash your bedsheets weekly. Experts recommend weekly washing of your bed sheets if you have any of the following issues

  • If you have dust allergies
  • You sweat a lot
  • Any contagious issues
  • If your pet lies on your bed

Washing your bed sheets regularly adds extra loads to your work schedule, making it a regular routine to keep them more comfortable and hygienic. To keep your bed away from the dust mites and other allergens, it is necessary to wash your bedsheets once a week. 

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What happens when Bed Sheets aren’t Washed Regularly?

The bed sheet laundry is always a bigger duty. The longer you skip this duty, your bed will become a breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites. 

  • Presence of dust mites and other allergens: 

The human body sheds millions of dead cells into the bedsheets daily. The dead cells become a snack for the dust mites and other allergens. 

  • Unwanted moisture in the form of sweat or skin oil: 

Our human body secretes oil while sleeping, which ends in shedding of oils in your bedsheets. During summer days, your body sheds sweat to a moist condition which results in the bedsheets getting dirty.

  • It can also give you Acne on the back: 

If you have a habit of going to bed with makeup, then it will cause long-term damage to your skin by building bacteria in it. These bacteria can make nasty pimples and whiteheads resulting in worse acne.

  • Allergens can trigger dry skin issues like Eczema:

Bacteria in the bed sheets will make them dirty as they rub against your skin. Using more creams or ointments to treat those problems will make your sheets worse as they attract more bacteria leading to eczema.

  • It can also lead to cold and flu symptoms: 

Dust mites and bed bugs can cause health conditions like cold and Flu.

  • Any open cut on your body can lead to infection: 

When the nights are too hot and sweaty, bacteria and fungi settle well. The fungus on the bed sheets initiates fungal infection on the skin. In the presence of open wounds in the skin, these fungal infections penetrate the body.

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Washing Bed Sheets Regularly: The Right Way

Sharing your bed with microbes and allergens looks terrifying, often leading to sickness. These bacteria may trigger allergies to breathing illness and sniffling. Thus washing your bed sheets regularly in the right manner is essential.

  • Use a hot water setting to kill the microbes and Allergens: By putting your bed sheets in a washing machine is the right choice. You have to set the temperature high to wash bedsheets. Check for the light-colored sheets to put in hot water to preserve the color in the sheets. The hot water setting will help to destroy the allergens and bacteria from the sheets
  • Avoid using bleach to safeguard the fibers of the material: Bleaching is the best practice to remove the bacterial growth in the bedsheets. But the main disadvantage is that bleach damages the material of the sheets. For long-run usage of the bedsheets, bleach should be avoided.
  • Read the “care label” carefully before you proceed: Before putting on the machine wash, bedsheets care instructions should be read carefully to avoid damages to the bedsheets. The care label will provide you the exact details of the material of the sheets and the stain removal ways to safeguard the material.
  • Don’t overload your washer, instead wash the sheets separately: Most of you will dump all the family’s bedsheets in one load. But this has to be avoided and you can load up twice to meet the job. Sheets need to be circulated to wash it properly. Don’t wrap them in the machine, it may tear during washing. Place them separately on the washing machine.
  • Keep the light/dark colors separate: Don’t mix light color and dark color sheets on one load. The dark color shade may stain on the light-colored sheets. Make sure to load the machine separately with light and dark colors.


Cleaning your bedding is a great deal and a big pain, but the benefits are worth it. By doing so, you finally end your day with a fresh, spotless and anti-bacterial bed at the end of the day. Washing your bed sheets will keep you on par with your fitness routine. Happy bedding is essential for a healthy, happy life!!


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