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Does the thread count of your bed sheets really matters

Does the thread count of your bed sheets really matters

When Does Bedsheets Thread Count Really Matter?

Blessed are the ones who can immediately sleep as they lie down. If you want a sound sleep, you would have to buy high-quality bed sheets. When it comes to the quality of sheets, the one with a higher thread count seems to give a higher quality of the bedding. The thread count is one of the measuring factors when it comes to determining the softness, comfort, and quality of the bed sheets.

Most of the customer's outreach for high thread count bed sheets, without counting the quality of the fiber, size of the yarn, types of weave or ply count. Understand the importance of thread count for sheets and choose the right one for your perfect night.

What is the thread count in bedsheets?

A bed sheet thread count measures the numbers of the threads or yarns woven in a single square inch of fabric. Both the vertical threads (warp) and the horizontal threads (weft) are tallied up in material to determine the thread count. Thread count is calculated by the total number of warp and weft yarns in a square inch. 

Thread count indicates the quality and softness of cotton fabric, and also determines the durability of the sheets.  It will get softer or wear-well over time. A fabric which finished with high thread count with non-certified cotton, still it will be very comfortable.

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What’s the best thread count for bed sheets?

A thread count between 200-400 is evaluated as a good quality fabric. The most important factor is, these sheets will last longer for many cycles in washing before they start to wear and tear.

A thread count below 200 won't feel nice to sleep on.

Some sheets claim to have 800 thread counts or 1000 thread counts, higher than 400 thread count is not a high thread count sheet, are very stiff and heavy. It's just a sheet with a multi-ply thread. The quality of the sheet depends on the textile and the weave. If you buy a 600 thread count sheet, then it's truly a 200 thread count sheet which is the cheapest and has 3-ply yarn instead of single yarn quality. 

For cool and soft sheets, 180-280 thread count is a perfect range that holds for many years. 1,000 thread count sheets are worse quality than the 300 thread count. To achieve a high thread count,  factories use multiple-ply yarn. Cheap and less quality multiple-ply yarn weaved together result in a scratch, heavy and less durable bedding fabric.

The thread counts between 200-400 have a lot of benefits. These sheets will last longer and you can clean them frequently without any damage. The cost of these sheets are comparatively higher when you pay initially, you will feel great when it saves in the long run without any replacement.

Choose fine cotton bed sheets that are more comfortable and ease of care. The most common fine sheets are percale and satin sheets. Also, check if the material is made from extra-long-staple cotton or long-staple cotton. At last, it's your choice of weaves, weights, and textures of bedding, so pick the best quality that gives you a warm and luxurious feeling when you lie.

Ply in thread count

The ply determines the number of layers and explains how the thread count is achieved. It plays a better indicator of the quality of sheets than thread count.

 The ply refers to the numbers of yarns in each thread in a fabric. A single-ply thread has only one strand of yarn in each thread. The two-ply thread has two strands of yarns combined in each thread. For three-ply thread, the number of yarns is tripled.

To avoid a ply greater than two yarn, manufacturers inflate their fabric thread by cheaper multiple-ply yarns. 

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Is a high thread count better?

Yes, 400 thread count and 600 thread count sheets feel softer and cooler than 200 thread count. Higher thread count over 1,000 are indications of lower-quality sheets, where manufacturers count multi-ply yarns that have the lower and rougher quality to boost their fabric thread count.

The ideal thread count sheet is taken into account along with the cotton quality, type of weave and types of play. When you purchase quality sheets, consider the thread count, weave, fabric material and ply count key things.

The long-staple cotton fabric denotes the length of the single cotton fibers that are woven together to make every thread. The long length cotton fibers create smoother, stronger and last longer threads. Combined cotton is a process by removing shorter fiber from the cotton before it spun into yarn. Lots of varieties in fabric quality like linen, Egyptian cotton, bamboo, and Supima cotton are available in the market. The bed sheets manufactured by any of this fabric feel more superior and softer than polyester sheets.

 Percale sheets use plain weave, whereas weft and warp threads are woven like a checkerboard pattern.  Percale sheets are cooler and crisper than satin and are best for hot or warm temperatures. Percale sheets have 250-500 thread counts.

Satin sheets use a satin weave process, where the horizontal threads lie across the vertical threads at a time. High-quality satin sheets need higher thread count between 300-600, to reduce snags along the vertical threads.

Why does a higher thread count cost more?

There are two important reasons behind the high cost. The first reason being the manufacturers, they know the people's mindset of buying higher thread count sheets and increasing the price accordingly.

The other reason being using finer yarn to fit more threads. The higher thread counts are proxy for quality. More the threads that are woven in good yarn to manufacture, the more the sheets become softer and stronger.

Which is better for you?

Avoid the sheets with a thread count below 200 and above 1,000, where manufacturers can play tricks. Purchase bed sheets made from single-ply, high-quality long-staple cotton sheets with a thread count between 200-600, which will give you more comfort and lasts longer than polyester sheets. Ensure that the thread count, ply count, weave and fabric are all of high-quality before choosing your loved sheets. Pick an ultimatum comfort and warm option to get a good night's sleep.


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