Home Decor Trends for 2020

Home Decor Trends for 2020: Spruce Up Your Home

Posted on: December 26th, 2019 04:29 PM

The end of the decade is here and it also heralds another change in home decor and design trends. While some changes have been there year to year, a new decade brings new possibilities, new ideas, and new trends for you to revamp and decorate your house with.

This article is going to help you get ahead of the curve and find the perfect new trend suited to your style and home.

Going Neutral

Neutral colours are the poster boy of eternally classic design trends. Warm neutrals seem to be on their way into the trends with the beginning of the new decade. Neutral colours give your home a sense of calmness and serenity and relax your senses. Neutral colours look best on walls but are also an excellent choice for your furniture, sofa and even bed sheets.

Velvety Mood

Velvet represents the harmonious blending of luxury with comfort. Velvet is not limited to the velvet upholstery we all have seen in our grandparents' houses. Velvet has taken a foothold in sofa designs and with increasing colour options, velvet designs are here to stay. Velvet is here to stay and here to start-off your decade stylishly.


Black and white stand on the opposite end of the colour spectrum. One is the absence of any colour while the other is the culmination of all 7 main colours. This contrast creates an inexplicable symphony we call monochrome which is the simplest yet the hardest to master decor idea. The yin and yang need to perfectly balanced to create home decor that relaxes the spirit and creates a homely environment. Black sofas, white pillows and bed sheets, and even black and white floors, there are just endless possibilities when it comes to using monochrome as a home decor idea.


Geometry is not simply a subject, it is one of the universal truths we have. Everything we see or create has a geometric pattern to it and thus when you incorporate geometric patterns in your home decor you are only bringing the underlying order of things to the forefront.

Geometric designs work great but only if you don’t overdo it. From bed sheets to quilts to comforters, you can drown your bedroom in geometry but it will only look good when there is a method to the madness, kind of like geometry itself. Create a balance with your geometric pattern decor and make a classy and bold statement.


Biophilia refers to incorporating natural elements into the human design to create a decor style that feels natural and organic and not manufactured or mass-produced as everything else is these days. This decor trend incorporates sustainability at its core and creates an environment-friendly home.

From using recycled wooden furniture to potted plants, your home exudes a sense of clean and environmental friendliness. Move beyond high tech decor and go back to nature in 2020.

Go Floral

Floral designs have always been in trend so much so they have become classics in their own right. With the changing of years, decades and even centuries, there has been a lot of change in and evolution in the floral designs and as such the 2020 edition of floral designs is here to give your home a refreshed look.

Go beyond floral wallpapers and incorporate them into your curtains, bed sheets, quilts and use vibrant colours to make your home feel alive. Bright colours and contrasting colours are the way to go to make your walls and furniture pop.


Minimalism has been in trend for a decade now and its time for the bigger brother to take the limelight. Going in the opposite direction of minimalism, this decor idea focuses on creating complex designs and patterns which simply overwhelm you with their grandeur and complexity. You can add as many layers to your design as possible. Big, bold and bright is the way to go with colourful interiors coupled with paintings that will make your home feel luxurious and grand. Although there needs to be a line between grand and cluttered.

Back in Black

Black is one of the heavyweight mainstays when it comes to interior and home decor. Black is predicted to be back in trend with people opting for black on everything from comforters to bed sheets to furniture, countertops to cabinets. Black walls ooze luxury and can make your home look very trendy and classy at the same time. Including contrasting colours in your black decor can do wonders to your home decor.

Go Green

With environment-friendliness and go green being one of the major trends going into the new decade expect the green accents, shades and all in all green to dominate the home decor trends. Green plants will add a pop of colour to your neutral rooms. Adding plants to neutral themed home saves both maintenances and allows you to be in touch with nature. Green bed sheets, wallpapers or even furniture can liven up things.

Going Vintage

Vintage and traditional home decor is looking forward to making a comeback in 2020. Furnishing styles from the 1900s or even the 1800s are being used more and more and these trends seem to go on strong into the new decade. Vintage decor trends are sure to be on the trending list in the 20s and its time you got in on the vintage train.

Navy Blue

Chosen as the colour of the year by Pantone, Classic blue in the navy shade is the colour for you if you want to go with the trend. The colour is as versatile as it is sophisticated and hence is a great choice for creating a highly luxurious interior decor and giving your home a royal touch. Blue works for both traditional and modern decor styles. Blue allows for contrasting colours and designs without having to resort to using black.

Kitchen Art

A kitchen is a place where you create art with the food you cook, but it can also be revamped into a place of actual art. Make your kitchen a part of your home by decorating it the same way you would decorate any other part. Don't treat it as a place of work but a part of your home. Open shelves to display crockery or any other items along with paintings or even high contrast cabinets and countertops can liven up the kitchen.

Formal Dining Rooms

Formal dining rooms have seemed to become a thing of the past but they are making a comeback. Dining rooms double up as your storage for all your precious china and crockery and add another dimension to your home.

Other than a place where everyone can gather for a meal it can transform mornings into comfortable quality times with your family. Decor your dining room to give it more character and a more formal feel in this new decade.

White Kitchens?

The white kitchen has been in trend for a long while now. And its now time to say goodbye to those all-white kitchens. Use pop up colours, bright and contrasting colours, shades, anything to bring your kitchen to life and create a piece of modern art. Gone are the days of plain white kitchens.

Going Abstract

Express yourself, make bold choices and create whatever you want. Use hand-drawn sketches, random geometric designs, play with colours, do whatever you feel like for that is the essence of abstract.

Bold patterns and popping colours can create a home decor design that reflects your personality and does not let the house feel boring or heavy.

Land of the Rising Sun

People are starting to look to the east for design ideas and Japanese style decors are on the rise. From being a subtly spoken about design trend, Japanese home decor style, and design have started to gain momentum and acceptance among the masses with many opting to go with the simplistic design and character.

Canopy Beds

Canopy beds are back in trend in the most regal of ways. There is just something about a canopy bed that exudes nobility and comfort at the same time. Besides being a throwback to the Victorian ages, it also gives a nice touch to your bedroom. Create an oasis of comfort and serenity with your canopy bed along with your bed sheets and quilt. Add a comforter that goes with the vibe to maximise your comfort level.

Do care about the size of the bed and the canopy when choosing your very own canopy bed. You can also choose the fabric of your canopy so as to allow the air to easily flow and so it does not obstruct the light more than it needs to.


From doing a makeover of your bedroom by buying different geometric design bed sheets, quilts, comforters, 2020 brings bold new trends and opportunities for you to go on and decorate your house in a way that suits the new decade and your goals for the next 10 years.

Create your personal space in a way that is in line with the changing times but also gives on ode to the years gone by.

Start the decade right and give your home the place of serenity and comfort as you have always wanted and not be left behind by the newer trends and changing times.


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