Ultimate Guide to Buy Home Décor Items for Your Bedroom

Ultimate Guide to Buy Home Décor Items for Your Bedroom

Posted on: November 22nd, 2019 03:49 PM

A quilt is something you hold on to very tightly after a long and tiring day. Quilts gives you the relaxing warmth and soft embrace to feel rejuvenated in your bed. It is one of the most important essentials of your bedroom which enhances the overall aura and energy of the room. A quilt is basically a covering which has 3 layers out of which a soft batting is sandwiched between the top and the bottom layers. The three layers are tied together or stitched on a sewing machine. For a theme based bedroom, an ordinary quilt is a big no-no. A designer quilt which suits your taste will work magic and elevate the feel of your bedroom. Here’s a guide on everything you need to know about the quilts and buying them online.

Brief history of Quilts:

Human beings have always had the liking towards soft and padded fabrics. Long before the early settlements of Europeans across the world, human beings have used fabrics for various purposes. Quilting came into existence when the Europeans settled in various parts of the world and the idea of quilts thus flourished everywhere. Coming from the Latin term culcita, quilt means stitching of 3 layers of materials into one.

Factors to consider while buying quilts online:

  1. Material /Fabric: The fabric of the quilt should be of good quality if you intend to use the quilt on a daily basis. Quilts made out of synthetic material does not last longer and may get damaged very early.  Synthetic quilts are cheap, inexpensive and easily available online. However, these quilts does not offer the comfort and experience of what a quilt should ideally do. Quilts made out of wool are the best ones. They are soft, warm and make you feel cozy. Moreover, these quilts have the ability to regulate your body temperature and thermal stress. They provide a more sound and comfortable sleep. Cotton quilts are the best choice for summers as it is a natural fiber. E-commerce websites have various varieties on quilts and you can make the best choice by buying the quilts online
  2. Size: The size of the quilt should be adequate enough to accommodate your entire body with an extra free flowing material. You can browse a range of quilt sizes online: from single to double bed quilts and king sized quilts. Quilts for couples are also readily available on the shopping websites. Thus, make sure to have a proper size of the quilt before purchasing it.
  3. Filling: The filling of the quilt is the core of the quilt. It should be of soft material such as a polyester batting. The filling of the quilt determines the overall weight of the quilt and various features of the quilt. The filling should be evenly distributed and smooth. Moreover, the soft batting should be of good quality to provide you with the best comfort experience. Quilts on online websites have various kinds of filling and you can make a better choice as per your requirements while buying quilts online.
  4. Designs and Textures: A plain quilt looks boring and simple. In order to match the theme of your bedroom, you can shop for amazing varieties of quilts on the online websites. Printed and Designer quilts are extremely popular these days and are easily available. For a traditional theme based room, Jaipuri quilts or quilts of Indian artwork design will suit well. Quilts with borders and various patterns are also available. Colour combinations of quilts for various seasons are also available online.

Advantages of Quilts:

  1. Quilts provide with greater freedom of movement unlike bed sheets, blankets and other ordinary sleeping bags. You can freely change your sleeping positions under the quilt without having to worry about anything.
  2. Quilts are the best temperature regulators. They maintain a stable temperature as per the climate and stays in coordination with the room temperature. It thus allows you to sleep comfortably and calmly.
  3. Quilts have the multi-purpose use benefit. These can be used to sleep in the night and can be used as a decorative bedding on the edge of the bed during the day. Quilts which are old can also be used to make doll coverings and coverings for furniture’s. It can also be used as a runner on tables. Quilts can be used in various creative ways to decorate rooms and bedding.
  4. Quilts can be easily washed and dusted. It does not take much effort to look after them as they are light in weight.
  5. Quilts provide the best sleep experience and keeps sleeps disturbances at bay.

It is often said that the bed sheet in your bedroom speaks about your personality and taste. A bed sheet is the one which is capable enough to capture the instant attention of anyone who enters your room. A right bed sheet which suits well with the theme of your bedroom ensures that you have a relaxing and a peaceful ambience. The colour of the bed sheet can make you feel relaxed and de-stress your mind upon your return to the bedroom. It is therefore important for you to have adequate knowledge on choosing and buying the right bed sheets online for your bedroom.

Here’s a guide to buying bed sheets online.

  1. Always make sure to check with the fabric of the bed sheet. A pure cotton bed sheet is easily available online on most of the shopping websites. Bed sheets with synthetic and blend of cotton are inexpensive in comparison to that of pure silk and cotton. Make sure to buy bed sheets online according to the seasons in which they will be used. For hot and humid summers, it is advisable to buy the bed sheets made out of cotton. A cotton bed sheet provides the best comfort, durability and breath-ability. The best varieties of cotton bed sheets are the Egyptian cotton, the Hygro cotton and the Supima cotton. Moreover, cotton bed sheets does not get wrinkled early and last longer. They also become soft with continued usage and wash. Hence, make sure to choose the correct fabric while buying bed sheets online in India.
  2. The thread count of the bed sheet decides the quality of the bed sheet. Thread count is basically the number of threads present in the bed sheet. A good bed sheet ideally has thread count ranging from 300 to 500. However, the superior quality bed sheets have thread count above 500. While buying bed sheets online, do remember to assess the thread count of the bed sheets to choose the right one. Bed sheets with high thread count last longer and are durable. They also have good softness quotient and are comfortable.
  3. Bed sheets are weaved in different techniques. The variation in the weaves bring a distinct feel in the texture of the bed sheet. Bed sheets sold online do mention the weaving pattern used. Hence, make sure to check the weaving pattern of the online bed sheets. A percale is a grid like weaving technique which makes the bed sheet feel light and crisp. On the other hand, Sateen is a weave which feels soft and smooth. As per your requirements, make sure to buy the bed sheets online and check their weaving patterns.
  4. Online bed sheets come in a wide range of varieties. From floral printed bed sheets to pattern bed sheets, the range is vast and diverse. Printed bed sheets come in various prints depicting geometric shapes, figures and floral arrangements. The printed bed sheets never go out of fashion and suits with every room décor. Bed sheets with floral prints look amazing and enhance the overall vibe of the bedroom. It complements the theme of the bedroom and sets the mood right for you.
  5. A cushion is as important as the bed sheet. Always make sure to have soft pillows and perfect cushions for your bedroom. The best cushions are easily available online and you can find a wide range of patterns. A cushion should always match with the bed sheet. It is therefore essential to shop for cushions too online while buying the bed sheets online. A medium sized cushion is recommended for sofas which are small and compact. However, large sofa sets should have cushions which can give the comfort as per the seat of the sofa. Cushion comes in various shapes – circles, rectangles, squares, etc. Cushions with various designs such as traditional Indian designs, printed patterns, Jaipuri mirror work designs, Indian artwork designs, floral designs etc. are easily available online.

Closing Words

Quilts, Bed sheets and Cushions are an important part of your bedroom and daily living. It is therefore advisable for everyone to be informed about the various aspects of them and make good choices while buying them online. You can find plenty of options and varieties for quilts and bed sheets if your browse through online shopping website. Happy Shopping


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