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Decorate Your Home Interiors with Black

Posted on: December 27th, 2019 11:48 AM

Black is one of those colours that are eternally divisive. Some people black to be too dark and depressing to be used as a home interior colour while others embrace black for its ability to complement any design and pattern. A little bit of black can bring out a contrasting colour even more prominently and make your room feel invigorated. 

Black is as stylish and dramatic as any other colour provides an anchor to your interiors like no other colour can. It can enhance the shape and size of your furniture, your walls and your decor by simply being there. As is with Kajal, black really brings out shapes and complements colours in a way to make them more prominent. Be it a black bed sheet or a comforter or designer quilt or sofa or even your cupboards and tables, black can be used anywhere in a stylish and modern way to give your home interiors even more character. It can be what you want it to be, romantic, fun, serious, gentle, and burly, all of it depends on how you use the colour.

Black Accents

Black in small and limited amounts allow for a grounding effect on your rooms providing your eyes relaxation from the usual stimuli of popping colours. Too many bright and airy colours can wear the eye as they have nothing to anchor them to making the eyes constantly trying to process them over and over again.

A whole lot of black is also not the solution. Some pieces of black furniture, a bit of black on the walls in form of a painting, shelf or even a geometric design, black coffee table to compensate for your light coloured sofa can really accentuate the room. Sometimes even something as simple as a black lamppost is more than enough. Make sure to follow a pattern when decorating with black accents to maintain consistency and create a unified design.

Black ties up all your furniture, designs and decor together without making it look like clutter. Different designs and styles when painted black and put together immediately form a uniformity that is otherwise impossible. Simply because black means an absence of light or any colour does not mean your home interior has to be the same way too. Use black imaginatively and you too will see all the different characters black hides within itself.

How to Black?

Black bed sheets or quilts or comforters are not the only way you can decorate your bedroom or guest rooms with black. There are a lot of ways to go about it which can bring out the character of the room and further intensify the design and theme you are going for in your decor. 

When decorating using black, ensure that you use patterns of all scales in the right mixture with white thrown in to create visual contrast and depth to the decor. If you are going for plain black wall add some details to it to ensure that it does not become too overwhelming or dark or flat. Some details like crown moulding could really add visual interest to your walls.

If the overall theme of a room is black, pick an accent colour to add a bit of punch to the room. Your choice of accent colour is then what decides the mood of the room and stops black from being overbearing and the room looking too gloomy. Black in itself cannot be left alone and must be used in conjunction with the right “accessories”. Use architectural designs, room and wall designs, geometric patterns, colour accents, furniture, floors to further accentuate and complement the black and your room will turn out like it was brought straight out of a novel.


Black is an everlasting colour which can be used and moulded in any design and theme you like provided you know what you are doing. A little too much of everything is bad and that stands true with black too. Before buying online bed sheets, Comforters and Cushions, get an idea of what you want to do with black, plan it out, use the correct shades, accents, compensating colours, designs and voila, you have created a modern masterpiece in home decor with black as your base.


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