Authentic Rajasthani Bedsheets

Authentic Rajasthani Bedsheets to Enliven Your Home Decor - A Comprehensive Guide

Posted on: August 12th, 2021 12:20 PM

A refreshing, aesthetic, and elegant home decor is something that everyone yearns for. While some of us concentrate on adding or updating furniture in our homes, some may consider repainting their rooms, and others at adding arts, and crafts to each corner of the homes to make them appear cozy, and classic. Here, we will be covering how bed sheets play a crucial role in enlivening the home decor while offering a multitude of health, and aesthetic benefits. 

When it’s about home decor, have you thought about which room carries more significance? We would say, it’s your bedroom. Wondering why? Well, let’s clue you in! "Research and studies cite that we spend close to one-third of our lives sleeping". Our bedrooms are our most crucial places or havens where we unwind after a long and hectic day. And, the decor of the bedroom plays a crucial role. 

Given today’s fast-paced, hectic, stress-laden, and sedentary lifestyle choices, sleep has become quite an expensive luxury. Inadequate sleep is the root cause of a host of physical and mental health ailments. We might wake up all irritated, and exhausted after several bouts of tossing and turning till the wee hours of the morning, which will leave us lethargic and hesitant for the upcoming day’s endeavours. Apart from a high-quality mattress, an appropriate environment to induce restful sleep, bedsheets play a pivotal role in defining sleep quality. Bedsheets make the bedroom appear aesthetically-elegant, and promote a sense of comfort, coziness, and tranquility. 

When it’s about enhancing your home decor or ensuring sleep quality, the authentic Rajasthani bedsheets brought to you by Jaipur Fabric are your best bet. We will be covering all the intricacies of Rajasthani bedsheets at length. 

Bedsheet Variants By Dimension

Single Bedsheet - This variant of bedsheets is available in the dimension of 70” x 108” or 180 x 275cm. Jaipur Fabric brings to you a wide range of designs such as bold print, solid colors, floral prints, woven prints, and more. Our single bedsheets are apt for your kid’s rooms, spare rooms, dorm rooms, hostel rooms, and others. Give these spaces an aesthetic touch accompanied by greater comfort. Our single bedsheets come with a thread count of 200, which ensures that our single bed linens are thicker, comfy, and durable. 

Double Bedsheet - This variant of double bed sheets is available in the dimension of 90” X 108” or 230 x 275cm. Got a double bed, and looking for some vibrant, refreshing yet soothing shades of bedsheets? Jaipur Fabric is your ultimate destination for premium-quality, authentic double bedsheets crafted by legacy artisans from the Pink City of India. And, our double bedsheets won’t bore a hole in your pocket as they come at an unbeatable price. So, wait no more. Avail of the greatest deals while the offers last on buying double bedsheets online. 

King Size Bedsheet - Jaipur Fabric brings to you king-size and super king-size bedsheets in the dimensions of 108" x 117" and 120" x 110" respectively. Just having a king-size bed or mattress is not enough; you would need the right choice of king-size bedsheets from our extensive collection. Whatever your choice of shade, be it green, blue, pink, silver, brown, black, or white, you will find everything at Jaipur Fabric. Whatever is the day or occasion or your mood, garb your king-size bed with the choicest selection online from Jaipur Fabric. 

Fitted Bed Sheet - Tossing, and turning on the bed is a given, especially for those who are already suffering from sleep-related challenges. At such a juncture, bedsheets of inadequate dimension may get free from the tucked-away corners and you end up with a ruffled bed. If you are a light sleeper or you have pets on the bed, there are again chances of your bed being ruffled. And, here comes the role of a fitted bedsheet. Fitted bedsheets can be safely tucked throughout all the corners to offer you an uninterrupted night’s quality sleep. 

Bedsheet Variants by Design

Design is another key aspect that is taken into consideration by Jaipur Fabric’s artisans from the Pink City of India. Jaipur Fabric brings to you an extensive collection of bedsheets in a versatile range of designs. Here we will be discussing the key bedsheet designs. 

Floral - Flowers always bring a sense of fragrance, freshness, and fashion, especially in the home decor realm. Jaipur Fabric artisans have strived for decades to capture the essence of flowers in the select bed linen and essentials. Jaipur Fabric brings to you an extensive range of cotton floral sheets for both angle and double bed dimensions. Statement designs, affordable prices, and apt thread count are assured with Jaipur Fabric. 

Animal Prints - Animals have always been portrayed and featured in classic, and royal arts. Jaipur Fabric has been trying to replicate the concept and has brought an extensive collection of elephant-patterned bedsheets - single, double, fitted, and king-size ones

Ethnic - Don’t we all love to dress up in our finest ethnic attire whenever the situation presents itself? And, why would we not, when it makes us feel all regal? Then, why would our bed be any exception? With this thought in consideration, Jaipur Fabric brings to an extravagant collection of ethnic bed sheets available in pure cotton, and polyester variants. Excellent craftsmanship, perfect dimension, and texture are assured with our authentic Rajasthani ethnic bedsheets that are the perfect embodiments of the Indian culture, and heritage.

Mandala Patterns - Identified with exquisite designs, Mandala patterned bedsheets have carved a wide fan base for themselves across the globe. It is considered a spiritual symbol in the Hindu and Buddhism culture that represents the entire universe. We at Jaipur Fabric bring to you a versatile range of Mandala patterned bedsheets - Bohemian Elephant Mandala, Dreamcatcher, and Animal print. A luxury range of Mandala bedsheets that are bold and delicately designed are just a few clicks away from you at Jaipur Fabric. 

Patchwork - Among the key Rajasthani bedsheet designs, patchwork designs stand unique. With alluring printed style and the pattern embarked on them, patchwork bedsheets by Jaipur Fabric are essential to take the decor at your home up by several notches. Our handmade patchwork bedsheets are shrinkage-resistant and fade-resistant. They will accompany you for years to come and still will be able to retain their natural elegance. 

Block Print - Bring authentic, and ethnic Rajasthan to your home with the traditional block-printed bedsheets at Jaipur Fabric. Wondering why choose us? We bring to you bed sheets  made of natural fibers that make our sheets highly breathable, comfy, and at the same time elegant. Our artisans with decades of expertise in this traditional art, carve out the specific designs on the wooden blocks, dip them in natural colours and then place them on the bed sheet spread out. Voila! You are all sorted for that classic regal look. 

Sanganeri Print - Ever heard about the small remote village Sanganer in Jaipur? Not really? Well, then it’s time to get introduced to the most classic art version that originated in this place. Gentle lines alongside colours and patterns take the center stage in any form of Sanagenri printing. If you are someone who believes in keeping things simple, methodical, and strategically patterned, Sanganeri bedsheets are must-haves for you. And, Jaipur Fabric is your ultimate destination to grab great deals without further ado. Our artisans derive a versatile range of colours from natural raw materials, so there is less scope for fads. So, what are you waiting for?

Tie and Dye - Get ready to bring out the traditional vibes at your home with Jaipur Fabric’s authentic Tie and Dye patterned bedsheets. With a rich dimension of 270 x 220cm, these high thread count sheets will not only take the aesthetic decor of your bedroom up by several notches but also will offer greater comfort. 

Bedsheet Variants by Colour

So, what’s your bed sheet colour preference when it comes to furnishing your bedroom? Are you someone who prefers lighter shades of white, cream, beige, and other pastel hues? Or, are you someone who wishes to go for rich, vibrant maroons, purples, oranges, and reds? Whatever is your preference, you won’t be disappointed at Jaipur Fabric. We bring to you an extravagant collection of premium bedsheets in varying shades of black, blue, red, green, orange, pink, white, brown, yellow, grey, and maroon. So, wait no more, get on the shopping spree to restock your bed linen closet today! 

Bedsheet Variants by Fabric

When you are on a bed sheet buying spree, what is the one thing that you care most about? Well, while the aesthetic design and pricing are key aspects to consider, the choice of fabric takes the center stage. While some of you may prefer cool, soothing, breathable cotton fabric, some may prefer silk or satin for a regal look. Here is a quick peek into bed sheet fabric variants. 

Cotton - Jaipur Fabric is renowned across the world for its authentic, and premium pure cotton bedsheets, and rightfully so. The fabric is derived from 100% natural fibers, which makes it highly breathable. Being natural in nature, this fabric is highly breathable, offers apt air circulation, and comes with heat retention and distribution attributes. Apart from these, cotton fabric is naturally hypoallergenic in nature.

So, no more waking up itchy, and irritated in the mornings or no more enduring bed bug bites! Cotton fabric is an ideal choice for all types of Indian weather. In summers, it will keep you calm, and comforting and in chilly winters, it will retain your body heat, and make you feel warm and cozy to get lulled away into a deep somber. When thinking of buying cotton bedsheets online, look no further than Jaipur Fabric. 

Silk - Silk bedsheets are definite lavish additions to your bedroom. Silk fabric tends to align well with your body temperature, offers a soft touch, and is highly breathable in nature. Apart from offering a luxurious feel, silk fabric is also known to minimize chemical exposure to the skin, allergies, overheating, etc. 

Polyester - From microfiber to nylon to acrylic, Jaipur Fabric’s online collection is replete with a plethora of bedsheet choices available in statement designs and at affordable prices. 

Bedsheet Care and Maintenance

No matter how premium or pricey your bed sheet is, it will ultimately need the right wash, care, and maintenance. To many of us, changing sheets, making up the bed in the morning may seem a mundane chore. And, we may go weeks together without swapping sheets. Here are some interesting statistics. 

  • Men may go 29.6 days without changing their sheets while women may go 19.4 days

  • Individuals may go approximately 37 days without changing their bedsheets while it is approximately 21 days for couples in a relationship and 19 days for married couples

Have you ever wondered why changing sheets regularly is essential? Here you go! 

  • While sleeping, we tend to shed a lot of sweat, essential oils, and dead skin cells. With such fodder, the bedsheets may become breeding grounds for dust mites, bed bugs, and a host of other allergens. Changing bedsheets regularly is essential to keep skin irritations and allergies at bay. 

  • When having a pet on the bed or due to the habit of eating or drinking on the bed, bedsheets stay at the receiving end of a lot of unwanted substances such as food scraps, pet furs, etc. 

  • Not changing sheets regularly may make them appear aesthetically less pleasant

Why Jaipur Fabric

Jaipur Fabric is deemed the ultimate destination for authentic Rajasthani bedsheet, and rightfully so. You will have unprecedented access to quite a massive collection of classic yet fashionable, premium bedsheets available in statement design patterns such as Sanaganeri, block print, mandala pattern, peacock, and elephant-patterned ones, etc. All our bedsheets are handcrafted by the legacy artisans from the Pink City of India, who bring the Indian culture, and heritage alive. Premium quality bed linen within affordable price brackets is one of the strong fortes of Jaipur Fabric. Check out our bed sheet corner right away! Get on with the bedsheets online buying spree! 


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