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Bedsheet Colour - Light or Dark, What's Your Best Bet?

Posted on: July 17th, 2021 10:07 AM

The idea of relaxing, and indulging in a restful night’s sleep at the end of the day is the ultimate temptation. Diving face-first onto the bed and succumbing to the lull of sleep is something that we all yearn for. However, given today’s fast-paced and stress-laden lifestyle, sleepless nights are a given for most of us. Endless tossing and turning till the wee hours of dawn may leave us restless, anxious, lethargic, and unmotivated for the upcoming day’s endeavours. Apart from optimal bedroom decor, the best-in-class furniture, and a fluffy mattress, bed sheets play a pivotal role in your quest for quality sleep. And, so does the colour of the. Intrigued? Let’s walk you through it! 

When you walk up to your bedroom, what catches your eye the most? Isn’t it the colour and pattern of the sheet on your bed? It is an indicator of your personal preferences, style sense, and the vibe that you are set out to craft. While many of us would love to grab our mattresses in classic whites, some may pivot towards bright, and vibrant shades. Well, there is definitely a lot of thought, and ideology that goes behind choosing the bedsheet colour, and in this blog, we intend to offer an informative read!

Why Opt for Lighter Shades 

The bedroom is our safe haven, the ultimate respite after a day's excruciating workload. And, the idea of a cozy, and welcoming bed that is all ready to set the nighttime vibe is everything that we may ask for. And, if you wish to give in to the lull of sleep, lighter shades of bedsheets are your best bet. Classic whites or double bed sheets in the shades of cream or beige will help promote a sense of calm, and peace. You may also go ahead and pair white with baby pink, baby blue, sea green, or sunflower yellow to achieve a vibrantly soothing decor. 

If you are more of a nature enthusiast who adores the sandy beach or tropical forest theme, then clothing your mattress in sea blue, teal green or light green, solid pink, light grey, lavender, maroon, yellow, cherry colour, mauve, and peach shades will do the trick! These shades will make your bedroom appear aesthetically elegant, graceful, and equal-measures eye-catching! 

If you wish to take the bedroom decor up to new heights, opting for bedsheets in colour block or geometric patterns will be ideal. These will add a touch of intrigue to your bedroom decor. The floral pattern is also something you can consider for a refreshingly charming bedroom vibe. Go all creative, and artistic with shades of baby pink and grey, lemon yellow with parrot green, light blue and teal shade, brown and mustard, or a fusion of several colours of your choosing. 

Why Opt for Darker Shades

Got a thing for darker shaded bed sheets? Well, they have their own appeal and set of merits. Midnight black sheets will orchestrate an environment to replicate nighttime vibes. And, contrary to popular belief, this shade helps you fall asleep much faster, and easily. And, it also comes recommended for youngsters, and couples to create a romantic vibe. Think bright orange, purple, magenta, red, or maroon for bed linen shades if you are after an artistic, royal yet chic look for your sleep haven. 

Darker sheets are also ideal for those who don’t have the time to replace their sheets more often in a month. If you have got kids at home, darker double bed sheets are ideal if you wish to keep stains at bay. Another advantage of darker sheets is that they run a lower risk of discoloration, and if they shed colour, it will be a long time before they become completely inappropriate aesthetically. 

Key Aspects to Keep in Mind While Buying Bedsheets Online

The colour of the sheets plays a pivotal role; it can make or break your bedroom decor. Here are a few things you should bear in mind when next you are setting out to purchase bedsheets online. 

  • Always get sheets in colours to complement your bedroom’s decor. For instance, you may go for pastel hues if you have got a metallic bedroom decor. However, go for green, yellow, or orange shades for your kids’ bedrooms to keep them excited. 

  • The bedroom is not all about the giant bed. There might be a lounge area with love seats or chaises or a diwan. And, colour coordinating your bed linen with the bedroom furniture will be ideal. 

  • Staying abreast of each trend, especially in the home decor arena, has become a dire necessity for those who have a high style quotient. So, when it’s about bed line colours, go for those that have been setting up trends lately. 

  • Choose sheets in colours to speak of the occasion that you are rolling with or the mood/vibe you intend to orchestrate. 

Check out the extravagant collection of bed sheets online at widely celebrated brands and platforms. And, don’t forget to make the most of the seasonal offers, and discounts! 


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