An In-depth Guide Into Bedding and Accessories

Posted on: September 30th, 2021 11:42 AM


What’s the one thing that you experience the most when you go to sleep each night and wake up each morning? Your bed, isn’t it? What would not you give to lie down on a super-comfy bed complete with all sorts of accessories that hold the promise of a restful night’s sleep? Well, while the benefits seem certainly lucrative, how much do you know about different types of bedding, and all that they entail? While bed sheets, bedspreads, comforters, dohars, pillows are common knowledge, we bet you are about to discover a whole lot of other key bedding types by the time you are done with this article!

Bedding Types - We Bet You Might Not Know About Them All


As we have mentioned, bed sheets of course don’t need any introduction. Whether you prefer a neutral look or something extravagant, regal or chic, bedsheets can help you in your quest. It all depends on your personal preference or the occasion or the vibe you have set out to craft. Besides, you can choose bedsheets in different fabrics, and weaves. While cotton sheets are apt for comfortable sleep as they come with hypoallergenic, heat insulation, and soft-to-touch properties, silk or satin ones are recommended if you are after a sensual vibe. Bedsheets, one of the key bedding types, can be categorized into top and bottom sheets. While the top sheets are mostly rectangular, and flat ones, the bottom sheets are of a fitted nature to offer corner hugging capabilities for the mattress. Flat sheets can be laid upon the layer or quilt or comforter or just on the top of the fitted sheet as it offers extra protection to all those bed linen layers.


Ever admired the bed layers that touch the floor and represent a fashionable statement? Well, a bedspread weaves this magic. A bedspread is a thin layer of bed linen that covers the entire perimeter of the bed and touches the floor or stays just shy away from it.


Can’t forget that stunning layer of fabric adorned towards the foot of the bed during your last hotel stay? Well, you can absolutely replicate the same decor by opting to get a coverlet to match your bedroom decor. A coverlet is a layer of fabric that is usually placed over the bedspread and aligned mostly towards the foot of the bed. If you are an avid fan of colours, and textures, you can choose a coverlet in contrast to your bed sheet or bedspread!


Blankets again need no introduction. Don’t we all yearn to get under a fluffy blanket be it chilling winters or AC-powered summer months? These types of bedding essentials have their standalone usage and also can be paired with a matching or contrasting quilt, comforter or duvet. Wool, cotton, polyester, microfiber plush or an assertive combo of fabrics, blankets are available in innumerable options. Jaipur Fabric is your ultimate destination for buying blankets online as well as quilts online in a versatile range and at unbeatable prices!

Throw Blankets

While keeping your tidy has definitive incentives, some like their bed more ruffled or in a disarraying pattern. Well, then, a throw blanket in a bright, chic pattern placed towards the foot of your bed will offer the much-intended disheveled look to your bed. These can be placed across the sofa, diwan or a chaise lounge, and are perfect to snuggle into for an afternoon of reading or lazing around!


Ever heard of down, fluffy comforters? These are some of the most sought after bed toppers, especially in the cooler regions. Considering their wide-scale popularity, and demand, these are available in a versatile number of styles, and patterns to assuage the style preferences of bedding buyers.

Duvets & Duvet Covers

Duvets are some of the different types of bedding that are mostly used for decorative purposes. And, these are an absolute delight for those who love decorating their beds with multiple layers. Of course, it has pragmatic usability aspects also by amplifying the comfort, and snug feel.

Pillows and Accessories

Are you someone who adores keeping your pillows tucked under your arms while sleeping? Or are you someone who loves to stack a host of pillows in multiple colours, textures, and patterns against your headboard? While pillows are an integral bedding type and accessory, let’s see how informed you are about types of pillows, and accessories. Well, there are continental pillows that stay tucked against the headboard, sleeping pillows that stay under your head while sleeping, throw pillows, and bolster pillows. Pillow cases, and shams just add to the essence of pillows in a highly fashionable manner.

Mattress Pads

And, how can we forget about this bedding accessory? Who would not love to slip into cloud nine while caving into the lull of the sleep? Well, mattress pads will just do the trick!

Why Jaipur Fabric?

Bedding types, and accessories have pivotal roles to play to ensure quality sleep, which has a direct impact on our overall health, and well-being. And, we assume you would not wish to leave any stone unturned to achieve the same? Jaipur Fabric, one of the leading bedding and accessories brands in India, is your one-stop destination for premium-quality, authentic, Rajasthani artisan-handcrafted types of bedding accessories at unbeatable prices.


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