A Comprehensive Guide on Buying Fluffy Down Comforters

Posted on: August 26th, 2021 11:02 AM

Who does not wish to stay snuggled up in the bed, preferably under a super-comfy comforter? Literally, no one! Be it the chilling winters or mild spring/autumn or scorching summers that include upturned ACs, a fluffy comforter is our best bet. In this article, we will be discussing all about fluffy down comforters, the aspects to watch out for, and some of their awe-inspiring benefits. 

Buying a comforter or comforter sets may seem an easy and mundane task. Well, news flash, it’s not! There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when you’re opting to buy a comforter, especially online. Unlike in-store shopping, you won’t have the luxury of physically assessing the comforter’s colour, features, dimensions, and other aspects, etc. And, then there is the aspect about its alignment with your home decor, especially the bedroom decor. No matter how naive you may be about bed linen fashions and the latest trends, you won’t want to adorn your bed with a fluffy comforter set that’s in stark contrast to your bedroom aesthetics. 

So, we have jotted down some of the aspects that you need to watch out for while buying comforters online

Fill Material 

Ever wondered what’s the secret behind the fluffiness of a comforter or what makes a comforter fluffy? Well, it’s the fill that goes inside it. Categorically, comforter fills are of two types, down, and down alternative. There is no denying that down alternative fill has its own set of pros. But the down material grabs the limelight. Let’s discover why! 

Down fill material is highly superior in terms of quality, and warmth. The warmth-to-weight ratio is also unparalleled. Surely, you won’t want to feel like being weighed down by a comforter no matter how cozy it may make you feel. Besides, the down material is highly breathable. So, you can rest your worries about being sweaty under it.

Even the best of things is not devoid of imperfections. The same goes for down comforters too. These are not recommended for machine or professional washes. So, if you wish to maintain them in top shape, a duvet cover in the appropriate dimension is your go-to solution. Down comforters can be pricey; however, these are worth every penny. 

Fill Power 

Fill power can be defined as the fluffiness indicator that denotes the amount of space one ounce of down occupies. The higher the fill power, the highly fluffy the down comforter will be. 

●     If you are someone who wishes to keep your bedroom cool in the summers but to feel insulated under a comforter, a down one with the fill power 400 or below is recommended for you

●      A down comforter with fill power ranging between 400 - 600 can be leveraged all around the year come scorching summers or chilly winters

●      Opt for a down comforter with fill power 600 and above if you are really looking forward to beating the nasty chills 

Fill Weight 

A higher fill power denotes a lesser fill weight. However, the balance of fill power and fill weight determines a comforter’s warmth. It’s highly essential as the temperature is a crucial factor that determines our sleep quality. 

Comforter Construction 

The next thing in the pipeline is the comforter construction. Most comforter fills are prone to developing lumps, and dead spaces, and here comes the role of the construction or external stitching that goes above and beyond to keep the comforter comfy enough for us. 

While the channel construction features parallel channels of fill material, the baffle box construction includes checkerboard stitching, with fabric baffles on the walls of each box of fill. Baffle box construction can be pricey, but you get what you pay for. Quilt stitched construction is mostly similar to the baffle box one, but the only difference is that it does not include fabric baffles inside to keep the down from shifting within each box. This is mostly suggested for comforters with low fill power, and unarguably is a cost-effective alternative. 

Comforter Exterior 

While we have covered what goes inside a comforter at length, it’s time to pay attention to the exterior too. Let’s dive in! 

Any fabric’s quality is defined by its thread count, and the same goes for comforter external material too. A fabric with a higher thread count tends to hold down more effectively. Well, you won’t want the down feathers to poke you through the comforter material, now, would you? If your response is not affirmative, go for the fabric with 300 TC.

Comforter Size 

Your definition of cozy and all-encompassing comforters doesn’t include overly dangling ones from the bed, right? While comforters online are available in a versatile range of sizes, from Twin to Queen to oversized King, opt for the one that will fit your bed. 

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