With FengShui Choose the Colour of Comforter

With Feng Shui Choose the Colour of Comforter

Posted on: January 18th, 2017 12:21 PM

Everyone wants to have happiness and prosperity in their life. When it comes to the key of influence in our life few are important as the bedroom in the Feng shui and in particular sleep. The sleep that we have at night is important and can be easily influenced by the colour of interior and position of your bed. Beddings colour also affects your sleep and mood according to Feng Sui. Here we discuss the comforter that we generally use in winters. How you choose your comforter colour with Feng Shui.

Wealth-There is no one who doesn't need money? Although money isn't everything but it is something, you can earn money easily by some of the colour magic of your comforter with Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui, the colour green is related to the business opportunity and earned income. The green colour comes on top from the second colour of wealth that is blue. Both of the colours have different aspects of wealth. Generating and accumulated money are two different aspects for which you have to choose the colour of comforter. Starting from the pale blue to black is the colour that generates money increase business opportunities. Black colour of comforter is best for you if you need to generate money and business opportunity.

When your finances are on the slim side and you need to earn money very badly, and you want to accumulate your money then green coloured comforter works for you. The colour ranges from mint to deep forest green. For the amassed money medium green shade is prime colour. Green tulip comforter is the best choice in this case.

Name and Fame- According to the Feng Shui the colour red is related to the high profile and social status. It is the indirect way to make money. The colour ranges from shell pink to deep orchid. International contacts travel and networking connection is other way to earn success and the colour for these is white gold grey and silver. So use these colours in your comforter. Comforter with satiny silver and luminous gold shades are associated with the world travel and networking processes.

Love And Health- The most fulfilling aspect of life are health and love. When you are under- going with the missing love and happiness in life then the element of earth will work in this. Shades of yellow to butter cups to ochre are the shades that can be used in the comforter. These shades also represent the spirituality, education, and god decisions. If you want good health and happy family relationships then rich brown colour and cocoa colour creates harmony and growth.

If you want your life having all aspects of life then follow these colours according to the need. A colourful life will have comforter of these colours with FengShui. So next time when you go for buying comforter then be sure about the colour of your comforter as the colour can change your life.


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