Why You Should Spend on Dohars This Season?

Posted on: April 11th, 2022 12:09 PM

Are you looking for a nice blanket set for the summer season, which works amazingly in your air-conditioned room? It is hard to find a blanket for the summer season, which makes your bed cozy and comfortable without increasing the heat. 

Once you start searching online, you will get endless options for blankets that will blow your mind. You will find a wide range of comforters that claim to work in the summer season as well.

Instead of buying a comforter for your bedroom, you should give it a try at Dohar. It will change your overall experience and add elegance to your room simply. 

What is Dohar?

In simple words, Dohar is a three-layered blanket. It is thicker than the regular summer blanket to produce warmth. The top and bottom layer of the Dohar is cotton and a flannel layer is in between. 

Dohar works amazing for the winter season or an air-conditioned room. It allows people to replace the comforter with Dohar and enjoy the excellent comfort. 

Why you should go with Dohar this season?

The market offers a wide range of comforters and blankets to people at an attractive price range. So, why you should go with Dohar as your summer blanket? 

Here we have discussed the top reasons below that you need to know before purchasing any other blanket for you. 

1.       Design:

The Dohar blanket is made of two layers of cotton with a single layer of cotton or flannel in between. It is a three-layered blanket that generates the right amount of heat for the people in a cooler atmosphere.  

As compared to Dohar, the comforters are made of different kinds of materials including wool, silk, and microfiber, which is ideal for the winter season. However, they can cause discomfort for you in summer and you have to spend on different types of comforters for each season. 

2.       Versatile:

Can you use your blanket every season? You have to replace your comforter every season to get the desired warmth. However, you can use the Dohar blanket all year round. It is made of cotton material, which allows people to have desired warmth and comfort in both summer and winter both seasons. 

You can simply have a peaceful sleep in your air-conditioned room with a Dohar blanket. It means you don’t have to replace anything along with changing seasons.  

3.       Easy storage:

Is it tough to store your bulky blankets? The regular blankets or comforters take a huge space for storage. On the other hand, the Dohar blankets are compact in the size and you can simply store them anywhere by folding them in the right size. 

Dohar blankets are made of thin layers, which are good enough to generate the right amount of heat for you without making you feel heavy. So, you don’t have to make a special room for storing your Dohar blankets.  

4.       Lightweight:

The blankets and comforters feel heavy sometimes in the summer season. If you are looking for a blanket that protects you from cold in an air-conditioned room with excellent comfort, then you can go with Dohars without thinking twice. 

This three-layered blanket is lightweight and comfortable in every season. You will feel it is like a burden on your chest and have a great sleep every night. 

5.       Décor appeal:

Everyone desires to keep their bedroom nice and tidy for a great décor appeal. However, the comforters and blankets on the bed always ruin the interior of the bedroom. 

As compared to heavy blankets and comforters, the Dohar blankets are lightweight and add an excellent décor appeal to your bedroom. You will find a plethora of colors and designs for Dohar blankets, which will simply enhance the elegance of your space. You can pair them with the rest of the interior and change the overall look of your room in seconds. 

6.       Comfort:

Comfort is one of the important factors that people consider while buying a blanket for the summer season. You have to get a blanket that keeps you cool and comfortable in the bed. The Dohars are made of cotton material, which is known for its amazing qualities. 

The cotton material will absorb the sweat and heat in the bed and maintain comfortable warmth. It is the material that will keep you comfortable in every season and improve your sleep quality. 

7.       An amazing gifting option:

The Dohars are not only good for your bedroom, but you can also consider them as an excellent gifting option. The Dohar blankets are lightweight, comfortable, and beautiful, which makes them perfect for gifting. 

The Dohars are comfortable, anti-bacterial, and come in a huge range of colors and designs. So, you will find a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from according to the occasion. It is the gift that will amaze your loved ones and make their lives easy.   

8.       Durable:

The Dohars are durable and provide long-lasting benefits to the people as compared to any other blankets. They are made of high-quality cotton material, which is also known for its long-lasting durability. You can clean the Dohars easily and use them for a very long time. So, it will be a great addition to your bedroom.

How to choose the right Dohar blanket for you?

Are you wondering how to choose the right Dohar blanket for you? Focusing on your needs and requirements will make it easier to find an ideal Dohar blanket for you. These blankets are available in every shape and size. So, ensure that you know the right size that you desire for a blanket. 

Along with picking the right size and shape, work on the color scheme. Choose the lively colors and designs that add life to your boring bedroom and spice up the interior. 

In the final note:

Dohars are one of the amazing additions to your bedroom décor. So, let’s add warmth and comfort to your bedroom with Dohars and enjoy the summers. 



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