Why Every Indian Mother Needs a Fitted Bedsheet?

Posted on: June 18th, 2021 08:38 PM

Mothers have the responsibility of taking care of the entire household. From cooking to cleaning and sometimes even working a 9 to 5 job, our Moms do a lot! Every time something is dirty or needs fixing, the first response is 'Mummy ko bulao'. One of the most important components of house decor is how to maintain the bedroom. And any homemaker who wants to keep their house tidy, beautiful, and welcoming knows the value of a set of clean and crisp bed sheets. This is where the value of fitted bedsheets comes in as a game-changer. In this article, we'll tell you all you need to know about buying fitted bedsheets and why you should get one for your bed too!

What is a Fitted Bedsheet?

We are all accustomed to bedsheet designs that are flat. These flat bedsheets are a straight cut of rectangular cloth that is draped over the bed mattress and parts of it fall over below like a curtain covering the sides of the bed.


In contrast to that, we have fitted bed sheets. A fitted bed sheet differs from a traditional flatbed sheet in the sense that it is not a rectangular straight cloth. Rather, the edges of the bedsheet are elastic, so that you can stretch the bed sheet and fix it along with the corners of the mattress. You pull over these elastic corners to ensure that the entire bedsheet fits snugly hugging the bed with no extra cloth draping down. Just like normal bed sheets, fitted bed sheets also come in a variety of designs, colors, and patterns.

How do they help Moms?

Due to the simple fact that a fitted bed sheet stays in place, it opens a world of advantages, especially for Indian Mothers who already have so much to deal with.


●     Fitted Bedsheets are easier to maintain. Because they don't lose their shape and get crumbled up they are able to stay maintained. The benefit of this is that every time you want to sleep on the bed, you don't need to worry about adjusting or fixing the bedding because it is crushed or deformed. This is important due to our psychology being hard-wired to seek out a clean, tidy, and comfortable-looking place to sleep. If we sleep on an uneven bed sheet, it makes our sleep much less comfortable.

●     These bedsheets are able to protect the mattress better. Because they fit so snugly to the actual mattress they are able to better absorb the dirt, dust, grease, or stains from outside, never allowing it to reach the mattress. Our mattresses can often be very prone to the dangers of external debris and staining objects. This can damage the mattress over time, causing it to lose its shape and springiness. A mattress is a very expensive purchase, so a fitted bed sheet provides a better value in security.

●     Fitted Mattresses also don't get spoiler as easily. Every Indian Mother has had to deal with their children's uchhal kood that leaves a trail of destructive untidiness in its path. Fitted Mattresses can easily solve this problem. Children can jump and play on it to their heart's content, without any risk of the mattress coming off, or not fitting the bed properly. Similarly, these mattresses are also very easy to apply so you can start teaching your kids about bedtime tidiness manners from a young age too!

●     Easier application of fitted bed sheets is a definite plus. Usually, in a flatbed sheet, you know to stuff one of the sides so that the bed sheet doesn't always keep slipping away. Raising the entire mattress can often be very difficult for Mothers who are older or have health conditions. A fitted bedsheet can easily be applied by stretching it and tucking in the corners of the bedsheet, without having to raise up a large portion of it. Because of the designed corner pockets, matching the pattern of the bedsheet is also quicker and easier. Unlike in a flatbed sheet, you don't need to worry about aligning the bed sheet properly so that all sides are equally long and the patterns match up.

●     Fitted Bedsheets have the same amount of variety and support as compared to conventional flat bed sheets. They come in a whole host of options. This means, whether you are on a jugaad budget or can spend lavishly, there's always a right fitted bedsheet available to meet your style. Secondly, the tucked-in look of the fitted bed sheet can be very aesthetically pleasing to Mothers who like the clean simple, and sleek design of these bedsheets. Simply their difference from the commonly seen flat bed sheets and their drapes can set them apart from the crowd, making them very fashionable.

What to keep in mind while buying Fitted Bed Sheets?

Now that we've convinced you why need to buy a fitted bed sheet, you're probably still confused about how you should decide which one to buy. Whenever you are going to purchase these Fitted Bed Sheets, keep these four things in mind:


  1. Fiber Content: Cotton is one of the most common design materials for a fitted bed sheet and can work great as an affordable soft option. For a premium feel, you can definitely go for Egyptian Giza Cotton or Prima Cotton. Cotton-Polyester blends and other synthetics make for an even cheaper and often more durable choice.
  2.  Don't fall for the thread count: Marketing has led us to believe that whenever we are talking about bedsheets and fabrics, the thread count is directly related to how good the product is. This is not really true. A 200 GSM thread count fitted bed sheet can feel just as soft and good as a 500 GSM one. The best way to find the right one for you is to touch the fabric and decide if after careful self-examination.
  3. Weave Styles: Fitted bed sheets are available in Sateen or Percale weaving styles. The Sateen style has a silky smooth feel and weaved like satin. The Percale style has a grid structure that gives a very lightweight body to the bedsheet.
  4. Fit: Very often people forget that a fitted bed sheet also needs to fit on their bed. Because of this, it is important to know the size of your bed whenever you're shopping for fitted bed sheets. Buying the wrong sized piece will mean that the bed sheet won't fit even though it has elastic corners.



Fitted Bed Sheets have been around for a very long time. But with their unique snugness and unmoving fit, Indian Mothers ne unke liye bhi ghar mai jagah bana li hai. If you a family to take care of and a bedroom to keep tidy, Fitted bed sheets are a great way to save yourself the effort and look fabulously fashionable in the process!


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