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What to Gift This Valentines Day? February 2020

Posted on: January 28th, 2020 01:18 PM

Valentine's Day, also known as Feast of Saint Valentine aka Saint Valentine's Day, is celebrated on 14th February. It is a festival of romance and love, which originated in the honour of one or two early saints named Valentinus as a Western Christian feast day. People started recognizing it as a significant religious, cultural, and commercial celebration of love and romance all around the world.

The Day was first associated with romantic love within the group of Geoffrey Chaucer in the mid 14th century; it was the time when the tradition of courtly love was flourishing. This Day gradually evolved into an occasion where a couple expressed their love by presenting flowers, gifts, and by sending greeting cards to each other.


What People like to do


Many people celebrate this Day with their partners by sending gifts, cards, letters, flowers, or having a romantic dinner in a restaurant. People who like to add a spark in their relationship with their special somebody or want to surprise their partner may make ample use of this occasion. This Day many restaurants and hotels have special offers for couples; this can include a romantic dinner or a weekend break.


The Valentine Symbol


 The Valentine's day symbols are the heart, particularly in red and pink or picture of and model of Cupid the Roman God of love. Cupid is portrayed as a small figure with wings carrying a bow and arrow, in mythology he uses his arrow striking at people’s heart and making them fall in love. So if you are in love, you definitely have been struck by the cute Cupid’s Arrow.


Gifts – The Centre of It All


Expressing your love to your partner and conveying the extent of your love the way you feel is never easy, and finding a perfect gift for your partner often proves to be a challenge. This Valentine's Day express your love by putting extra efforts, which will make a difference and make your partner feel wanted, and more loved. Home decoration is an out of the box idea to make your partner even happier.

Here are some suggestions, which will serve both the purpose that is Valentine's gift and home decoration-

  • Photo lamps- A picture speaks a thousand words! Brighten up the life of your beloved ones by gifting them a personalized photo lamp. You can use your romantic photos so that whenever they use the lamp they will remember you and the memories captured in the photo. Table photo lamps offer convenience and mobility if one is looking for a personalized gift. They come in many shapes and sizes like bottle, tree, pyramid, cylindrical, rectangle, square are some of the designs, they can be placed easily on your study table or shelf. Get your photos printed with your loved one and gift them on this Valentine's Day. Unwrapping this gift will bring a smile on your partner's face and stay with them for coming years.
  • Hanging Customized lights- The idea of these customized hanging lights radiating memories look beautiful when applied to interiors. These lights are a very affordable gift for this Valentine's Day. They add a sense of modernity to your room in place of traditional chandeliers and pendant lights. A plethora of designs are available in this segment. One design that is in vogue is the dice design as it hangs only on the vertex and the geometry of dice makes it look like a crystal when switched on and it shows six pictures. These lights are perfect for bedrooms as they provide an all-around spread of light. They add a sense of class in your house interiors and is definitely one of the best ways to bring a smile on your partner's face.


  • Customized cushions- Customised cushions are one of the most thoughtful and unique gifts ideas to offer to your favourite person this Valentine's Day and provide them with the comfort of your love. You can buy customized cushions as these cushions come in a wide variety ranging from printed cushions to sketch cushions, and now even personalized LED cushions are available. You can personalize them by writing your feelings on these cushions or your romantic or weird, memorable moments with your partner with the use of photos. You can choose the shape of a heart with different colours, going red if you like it traditional. This will not only make your partner smile but also develop a healthy relationship between you two.


Cushions will add extra life and edge to your living room. They will not be a big part of your room but the small details that give elegance to your room. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on texture, material, the fabric you select. These cushions are the most cost-effective way to express your love this Valentine's Day.


  • Canvas prints- An artistic way to express your love this Valentine's Day is to bestow a customized canvas print upon your partner. This is the perfect gift for your better half, as you can show them how you cherish all the memories that you have made with them. The best part of choosing this as a personalized Valentine's day gift is that you can pick your favourite photos and display it proudly in your living room. You can turn your favourite photos into canvas prints and hang them on the wall of your room as a token and symbol of your love. It is a win-win gift option this 14th February, your partner will love this gift.


Walls of the room portray an incomplete room; it is an interesting way to update your room by hanging them on your empty walls. These prints are a great way to tell people about your interest and boast about your recent vacation with your love. These print give people the idea of your particular interest and unique personality. An empty wall can be made more striking by making it into your own gallery and make it the centre of attraction of your house. They complete your interior design and can easily transform your room.


  • Backlit wall photo frames- Photo frames express the feeling of your love in a beautiful manner and make your partner believe that your love is forever. It ensures your photo is brilliantly displayed Day and night. This modern technology, the modern-lined glows softly behind your image, giving your photo a new dimension becoming the centre of attraction of your room. You can use a photo of your partner of those moments of their life that makes them feel special. These frames can easily be mounted on your walls and assembled using four mounting pins. This frame can be hung as a portrait or landscape orientation. Two extended pins are also included to enable for tabletop placement. This serves the dual purpose of Valentine's gift and adding something to your home decor.
  • Personalized nameplates- Nameplates identifies a person's name; they primarily serve the informative function. Personalized nameplates are popular for many reasons. People often like to adorn the door of their room with nameplates. These nameplates are traditionally made up of wood, plastic, or metal. They come in many shapes, and if you are planning to gift this to your partner, you can choose the shape. Examples are heart, Cupid with bow and arrow, or even your partner's name. These nameplates often tend to be more colourful than office nameplates. You can mount them with nails or simply by use of adhesive. Larger nameplates may include artwork or graphics, anything which matches the interest of your partner. You can reinforce your love and romance by these nameplates. There is a growing trend of using nameplates as gifts.

A nice nameplate is a perfect accessory for your door. They, by far, are the easiest way to add character to your living space. They not only serve the informative purpose but also form a part of home decoration. The entrance that is the door sets the tone of your house; a welcoming entrance makes a first good impression. Thus personalized nameplates are of utmost importance. Couples can add their photos along with their names, which will surely bring a smile on your partner's face and define your love.

  • Personalized table clock- Another very affordable gift you can offer is a personalized table clock. Every time when your partner will sit on his/ her work desk, they will get a reminder that there's someone who loves them unconditionally. You can go for messages printed on the clock or any of your photos together to cherish the moments forever. This will be a very personal gift, and your partner will surely love it. They come in various shapes and size you can choose from the many designs available which suit your partner. Every time they walk pass through it, they will remember you and your love. They also work as a great piece of decoration and adding details to your room.


Traditional gifts-

Flowers-This year shows your Valentine how much you really care with a bouquet of roses, tulips, sunflowers, which symbolizes happiness, love, and romance. Some perfect flowers are-

  • Roses- This is unsurprisingly the most popular choice for Valentine's Day. It is because red roses symbolize romance, love, and perfection.
  • Peonies- These fluffy flowers are usually associated with prosperity, romance, and bashfulness. It is believed that they are a good luck charm and bring good fortune to the receiver.
  • Sunflowers- As the name suggests, they represent happiness, warmth, and love. These bright yellow flowers are spirit-lifting and are available throughout the year.
  • Tulips- They stand for devoted and perfect love. They are very elegant and convey comfort, warmth, and love.




Greeting cards- Greeting cards are a piece of card stock or paper featuring an expression of your love. Various types of greeting cards are-

  • Standard card- this card is printed on high-quality paper, rectangular in shape, and folded with a decorative motif or a picture in front. Inside there is a blank space you can express your feelings and how much you love your partner in there.
  • Photocard- Photo greeting cards have gained popularity in recent years and come in two main types. The first one is a hole that has been carved in the centre, and you can slide the photo like a frame. The second is the printed cards, which are usually combined with fancy graphics and artwork. Both of them are very popular to express your feelings.
  • Pop-up greeting cards- These cards once opened have a picture along with a message coming outwards, surprising the reader. These pop-up greeting cards can be personalized into various styles depending upon your taste. Many cards have the feature where the pop-ups can be saved for memories.


Chocolates- Chocolate is considered to be aphrodisiac since time immemorial. Chocolates contain a substance that inflames desire and makes your partner more open to romance. The connection between chocolate and love is not new and dates all the way back to the Aztecs. Chocolate to date is the best method to convey your love towards another person. The best way to tell someone how much you love them is by gifting them a box of chocolates. These simple delight can bring water in your partner's mouth and cheer them up, and one more reason to gift chocolates if you are a guy is that women love chocolates. Romance and chocolate go hand in hand.


4- Perfumes- The most important thing about giving a gift on Valentine's Day is the effort and gesture you put in telling your partner how much you love them. Each time they smell the perfume, it will continuously remind them of your love and gesture and cause them to appreciate you.


 These were some ideas about what to gift this Valentine's Day to your special one, and if you are confused, hope, these suggestions proved to be of some help. This year surprise you, Valentine, by choosing a gift which is something different and shows your efforts. 


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