What is the difference between the quilt and comforter

Posted on: June 25th, 2020 10:11 AM

What is the Difference Between the Quilt and Comforter

Words like, quilts and comforters or duvets are common among people who are in the plan of purchasing a bedding aisle. One must be aware of each product to choose the right option. Some guides are necessary for confused or double-minded customers who are unsure of what they would need. By comparing quilt and comforter, you will come to know about the similarities and differences so that it helps to buy what you need. 

Comparison of quilt vs comforter

Quilts and comforters serve the same purpose as both give warmth and add comfort to your room. The difference between quilt and comforter depends on the style, material, cost and uses.

Differences in material

Quilts are either machine stitched or needle stitched with a patchwork of old fabric or new fabric. Comforters are made of cloth bags and of feathers wool, silk, cotton, filled with down and synthetic fibers. 

Differences in cost

The cost of the quilts and comforters depends on the material and its quality. High-quality quilts are handmade based on historic value. Comforters usually come with the whole bed set such as a comforter, bedspread, and pillowcase.

The price range of the quilts ranges from

  • Handmade quilt: $ 150 to 200

  • Departmental store quilt: $ 20 to 350

  • Collectible and specialty quilt: $ 300 to 1200

The price range of the comforters ranges from

  • Cotton comforter sets: $ 50 to 3000

  • Hemp comforter set: $ 200 to 1000

  • Silk comforter set: $ 150 to 4000

Differences in style

The patchwork quilts give a traditional touch to your room. Quilts are designed with different styles with patchwork patterns. The comforters are made with different styles based on textures, patterns, and colors. Comforters may vary with the style and pattern.

Difference in uses

Both quilts and comforters are used in both warm and cold nights. People use multiple quilts on cold nights. Comforters are lightly stuffed that gets adjusted to your body temperature every season whereas quilts don’t adjust with your body temperature. Quilts aren’t so bulky whereas the comforters are bulky and weigh large over the body. Quilts are light weighted and serve multiple functions. Quilts are used as the best-fitted sheets.

Pros and cons of quilts and comforters

Pros of quilts

  • Lighter in weight

  • Used in summer months

  • Good decorative items for the room

  • Regulates airflow

  • Maintenance-free

Cons of quilts

  • Quilts are expensive

  • Visual versatility cannot meet the expectation

Pros of comforters

  • Comforters are less expensive

  • A practical accessory for the room

  • The outer cover is industrial dyed one

  • It meets the visual versatility

Cons of comforters

  • Comforters are bulky

  • Needs extra care for long life

  • It’s not breathable

Who prefers quilts?

  • Hot sleepers: People who love to sleep hot and don’t want bulky material on them can prefer quilts. Quilts are thinner and they won't overheat the bed

  • To change the look of the bed: Quilts are more stylish, it makes your room livelier and colorful.

  • Fans of layers: To those who like warmth can prefer layers of quilts for their comfort. They won’t mind pairing many quilts to their bed.

Who prefers comforters?

  • Cold sleepers: The ultra-soft comforters are warmer than the quilts and it is better for colder and winter nights.

  • Fluffy and cloudlike lovers: The people who love fluffy material opt for comforters. The fluffiness of the material gives warmth and comfort to sleep.

  • To use by itself without layers: The people who hate layers in bedding can opt for a comforter. A single comforter is enough to maintain the warmth even on cold nights.


1.which one is lighter, quilt or comforter?

The quilt is usually lighter than a comforter. Quilts are smaller than comforters in dimensions.

2. The quilt has been put over the comforter?

Sometimes, a quilt can be put over the comforter. Those who need extra warmth prefer a quilt over a comforter. Make sure the quilt is not bulky so that the comforter’s fluffiness isn’t compromised.

3. Is a quilt better than a comforter?

A quilt is not better than a comforter. Those who are hot sleepers and like to sleep under the layers prefer quilts for more warmth.


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