What Is The Best Material For Double Bed Sheets?

Posted on: July 1st, 2020 12:00 PM

How to choose best material for Double Bedsheets

Choosing the right bed sheet is important for ensuring sound sleep. Besides, it is a requisite for keeping yourself safe from specks of dust and mites. They could impact your skin and surprisingly your respiratory system too. Most people pay due importance to pillows and their covers while completely overlooking the bed sheets. Health and comfort should be every individual’s topmost priority. This is why bed sheet material should be chosen with utmost care.

If you are looking for that perfect double bed sheet material, you sure have come across a lot of choices in the market. Both physical outlets and e-commerce sites have a plethora of double bed sheets collections, which makes it quite difficult to come to the right conclusion.  In this blog, we have listed down a brief guide for choosing the right one. But first, let us learn about the different materials and their features:

Types of Double Bed Sheet Materials Available


Cotton is a popular fabric because of its durability, breathability and soft texture. Weaved with natural fiber, it is available in varied qualities depending on the region where the cotton is grown. Some examples include Pima Cotton, Egyptian cotton, Supima Cotton, Micro cotton, etc. Though weaved with fabrics from different regions, they are similar in terms of softness and breathability. Hence, they are a great choice for the summers.


Polyester is a form of lightweight synthetic fabric, which is weaved with polyester yarns. They are

cost-effective, highly durable, and resistant to chemicals, stains, wrinkles, and stretching. Hence, they are easy to wash and maintain. Some popular types of polyester materials are Nylon, Acrylic, Microfiber, etc.


Tencel fabric is regenerated from the wood cellulose of the eucalyptus tree. It is sustainable, soft and highly durable. The fabric is quite ideal in summer for it keeps you cool. However, it is not quite breathable and might create a little discomfort for many people.


Silk is an expensive fabric produced from silkworms, often characterized by its soft texture and glossy luster.  Besides being soft on your skin and body, it gives a lavish appearance to your bed. However, with such pros come a few cons too. This silk double bedsheet material requires utmost care and maintenance, as it is very fragile.


This fabric is made from the chemical processing of bamboo pulp. Though relatively new in the market, the fabric has gained widespread popularity as a double bed sheet material. It can be a suitable alternative to cotton because of its soft texture and breathable nature. However, the process used in weaving bamboo fabric makes use of a lot of chemicals thus making it less environment-friendly.
Blended Material:

Some popular blended fabrics include cotton/polyester blend, cotton/rayon blend, Linen/Cotton, Linen/Silk, etc. Blended double bet sheet materials give you the goodness of both the fabrics. They are durable, cheaper, and comfortable at the same time.

Double Bed Sheet Material – How to Make the Right Choice?

Narrowing down to which double bed sheet materials are best suited for your bed can be tricky. Cotton, polyester, and silk are the ones that top the list due to their amazing texture and features. However, not all are best at all times. Polyester fabric is scratchy at times and can cause itching to the body. It is generally good for decoration purposes or for letting your kids play on the bed. However, it is not the right choice for sleeping.

Moving on to silk, the fragile nature makes it a less popular choice for everyday use. However, at times when you are dead tired and crave for a cozy sleep or want to spice up your romantic life, it is the best choice!

Hence, when it comes to everyday use and sleeping purpose, cotton and cotton-blended fabric are the evergreen choice. They are perfect for every season. They are also friendly to your kid’s skin and lets everyone in your family have a peaceful sleep at night. Besides, maintaining the material is also a hassle-free task.


If you have been ignoring your double bed sheets, you surely know now that it is high time you paid some attention to it. We all deserve a sound sleep after working the whole day. It doesn’t take anything more than just a little time in making the right purchase. So, what are you waiting for? Do yourself a favor, and get your cotton bed sheet from JaipurFabric today!


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